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St Francis Police Department Daily Activity Report
Thursday, November 8, 2018
Total Calls for Service: 40

Wanted Person-S. Nicholson Ave. @ E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 8:14 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle for non-registration.  The driver, a 33 year old St. Francis woman, was found to have several outstanding traffic warrant for her arrest.  The woman was able to sign a personal recognizance bond and was released from the scene.

Motor Vehicle Accident-2700 block E. Allerton Ave.

At approximately 10:06 a.m., officers were called to the above location for an accident between a construction vehicle and a parked car.  A 27 year old Trevor, WI man driving a Meade construction truck struck a parked vehicle.  Accident report filed.

Friday, November 8, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 15

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 12:25am Greenfield Police Department was out with a male subject who holds a valid warrant with our department for operating after suspension, $124.00 or PR bond.  The 19yr old Milwaukee man as unable to post bond.  He signed a personal recognizance bond and was released from custody.

State Traffic Arrest-4600blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 1:48am while on a traffic stop, the driver a 39yr old St. Francis man was found to be operating after revocation - OWI related. The man was arrested, booked, cited, and released.  The vehicle was towed.  Report filed.

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 5:13am Franklin PD was out with a 33yr old Franklin man who holds four warrants with St Francis Police Department for operating after suspension, exceeding zone and posted limits, operate motor vehicle without insurance, and non-registration of auto for a total amount of $470.80 or PR bond.  The man was unable to post his bond.  He signed a personal recognizance bond and was released from custody.

Fraud-4400blk of S. Delaware Ave.

At approximately 5:05pm complainant came to the police department to report an unknown subject ordered $220 worth of food from Saraphino's restaurant and had it sent to her house under her daughter's name.  The subject, who is believed to reside in the U.K., called the complainant while at the Police Department and made derogatory comments about her daughter.  The complainant stated she will be changing their phone numbers. 


Wanted Person-4500blk of 794

At 10:11pm while on a traffic stop the driver a 41yr old Milwaukee man had a valid warrant with South Milwaukee Police Dept. for criminal damage to property.  SMPD Officer arrived on scene and provided him with an order in slip for 11-10-2018.  SMPD released him from the scene.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 20

Noise Complaint-3600blk of S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

At approximately 12:10am Caller reports hearing a female screaming, possibly near Izzy's Tap, the sound could be heard near Deer Creek School.  Officer spoke with the bartender at Izzy's who stated a female had come in the bar asking for change for the bus and then stood outside yelling on her phone. Officers checked the area, subject was gone and there was no signs of anyone in distress.

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 12:34am Wauwatosa PD advised they were out with a 24yr old Milwaukee man has two warrants with our department, one for non-registration of auto and one for citation operating after suspension.  The man was unable to post his bond.  A personal recognizance bond was signed.  The man was then released from custody.

Domestic Incident-4500blk of S. Whitnall Ave.

At 3:24pm 911 caller reports a male punched a female while they were on their balcony.  The female almost fell off of balcony. They then went inside the apartment.  The 20yr old female victim stated her boyfriend was upset with her because she was smoking and is pregnant.  He slapped the cigarette out of her mouth and pushed her back into the apartment after someone yelled that they were calling the police.  The male a 20yr old St. Francis man was arrested for disorderly conduct-DV related.  He was conveyed to the Milwaukee County jail.  The Milwaukee County DA’s office will review the case for charges.  Report to follow.

Retail theft-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 3:36pm Pick N’ Save loss prevention called stating that they had a known person had stolen 10 steaks and left in a vehicle.  Loss Prevention stated they recognized the suspect as someone they have dealt with in the past.  Officer will be issuing the subject citations for retail theft, receiving stolen property and trespassing.   Report to follow.

Fraud-4500blk of S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 9:58pm caller requested an officer to report he got a scam call from the IRS and paid out $3,000. Officer reports speaking with the victim and he stated he received a call that stated he was going to be in trouble with the government if he did not pay them.  The victim stated he spoke on the phone with a man with a Middle Eastern accent that stated his name was “Jeffery Tribiano.”   The victim stated he went to his bank and withdrew $3000 cash and bought 7 "Google Play" cards and provided the person on the other line the card numbers.   The victim was advised this was a scam and of other scams to look out for. The victim stated he would like a report so he can forward the information to Google and his bank. Report to follow.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 21

Noise Complaint-4000 S. Kingan Ave.

At approximately 6:06am caller reports that the subjects in the above apartment are pounding on the floor. Officer spoke with the caller (manager) who stated the tenant woke him up at 5:45am due to the pounding on the floor and yelling.  This is an on-going issue.  Officer's attempted contact, but the tenant wouldn't open his door to speak with them.   The suspect told officers to get a warrant and that the people below him started pounding on his floor, that's why he pounded on the floor back.  It appeared as if the suspect was intoxicated, due to the way he was talking through the door and how his voice sounded.  The suspect was advised he would be receiving a citation and he replied, "Fine!"  He was also told to stop making disturbing noises.  Citation for Disorderly Conduct to be mailed.  Report to follow.

Mutual Aid-S. Packard Ave. and E. Lunham Ave.

At approximately 12:56pm MPD Officer called and request we check some areas for a critical missing person.  Their phone was pinging to the area of S. Packard Ave. and E. Lunham Ave.
Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the subject.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 21

Suspicious Noise-4200blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 1:21am caller reports hearing what sounded like a gunshot in the area.  Officers responded and checked the area and were unable to locate anything.  No other calls were received about gunshots being heard.

Possible drug activity-4567 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 11:34am caller reports a smell of marijuana in the hallway of the apartment building.  They suspect it’s coming from one of the apartments.  Officers responded and spoke to the tenant of the apartment where the odor was suspected of coming from.  Officers were invited into the apartment and did not smell any marijuana inside or observed any drug activity inside the apartment.   Officers were unable to locate marijuana odor coming from anywhere.

Burglary-3900blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 7:01pm caller reports that she has a known person on camera stealing money out of the business safe.  Officers spoke to the victim and reviewed the video.  The known suspect was then arrested.  He admitted to stealing the money.  The subject was then transported to the Milwaukee County jail.  The case will be reviewed by the Milwaukee County DA’s office for charges.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 18

Suspicious Activity-4100blk of S. Lipton Ave.

At approximately 10:29am caller reports hearing a loud bang noise sometime between Saturday 11/10/18 and Sunday 11/11/18 between 11pm-4am.  The caller located a large smudged handprint on her the side of her house.  There was no damage or evidence of someone attempting to break into the residence.  The homeowner just wanted it documented and the police department to be aware of what she found.

Smoking violation-3680 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (Deer Creek School)

At approximately 1:31pm the principal called and stated that there were rumors that some students had brought Vape devices on the school bus last night.  Two students were found to have Vape devices on them when asked.  The devices were confiscated and the students’ parents called.  The devices were turned over to an officer to be destroyed.  The school will handle the students discipline internally. 

Retail Theft-1838 E. Layton Ave. (Layton Fruit Market)

At approximately 4:13pm caller reports a shoplifter left E/B on foot.   Officers located a 35yr old South Milwaukee man walking on S. Whitnall Ave. matching the description provided by employees.  The man was found to have concealed 4 packages of lobster tails on his person.  The man was arrested for retail theft and trespass to public land/building.  He was cited, booked and released.  Report filed.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 12

Attempted stolen auto-3800blk of S. Ahmedi Ave.

At approximately 2:40am caller stated it appeared that someone had tried to steal his vehicle.  Officer reports that the top plastic piece was broken off and the ignition cylinder was broken out.  Nothing was missing from inside the vehicle.  The time frame this would have happened is 10:00pm on 11/13/18 and 2:40am on 11/14/18.   No suspect(s) at this time.  Report filed.

Theft from Motor Vehicle-4563 S. Whitnall Ave. (parking lot)

At 7:18am caller reports that her vehicle was broken into overnight.  Officer reports vehicle was rummaged through.  The vehicle was unlocked and $100 in cash was stolen from the glove compartment. No damage was done.  Report to follow.

Theft from Motor Vehicle-1600blk of E. Eden Pl.

At approximately 9:06pm caller reports a theft of gas and entry into vehicle.  Officer reports talking with the caller who put gas in her vehicle on 11/13, and at approximately 1000 hours on 11/14 she noticed her gas tank was empty and her battery was dead.  The caller believes that her vehicle was entered, however nothing was taken.  The caller just wanted to have the incident documented at this time.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 11

Domestic Incident-2800blk of E. Elizabeth Ave.

At approximately 4:05pm caller states that her husband came home very angry and broke the couch and was screaming at her and the kids.  Officer spoke with the husband at his residence and learned that he did engage in a heated verbal argument with his wife and he kicked the couch causing damage to it.  The husband was arrested and conveyed to the Milwaukee County Jail for disorderly conduct - DV related.  This case will be reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for charges.  Report filed.

Suspicious Activity-3200blk of S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 10:07pm caller states that there is a 4dr SUV parked in the driveway to the Seminary from Lake Drive.  The vehicle is occupied by a male and a female and has its lights off.  The caller asked them if they needed help and they said no.  He then advised them it was private property and they didn’t leave.   Officer checked the area and the vehicle was gone.