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St Francis Police Department Daily Activity Report
Thursday, January 10, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 15

Domestic Incident-4600blk of S. Brust Ave.

At approximately 1:25am Milwaukee PD reported that they were out with a female subject who stated that she was involved in a domestic incident in our city.  The female was punched in the mouth and locked out of a car.  Milwaukee PD took the complaint of a violation of restraining order that happened at the victim’s house in their city.  This case will be reviewed by the DA’s office for charges.  Report filed.

Domestic Incident-2300blk of E. St. Francis Ave.

At approximately 4:59pm officers were dispatched to a residence for a report of a domestic incident.  A 39yr old St. Francis woman stated she and her boyfriend, a 48yr old St. Francis man had gotten into an argument and then he grabbed her by her throat and head butted her in the face.  The male had left the residence prior to officer’s arrival.  This case will be reviewed by the DA’s office for charges.  Report filed.

Suspicious Vehicle-2000 E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 8:01pm caller reports a grey minivan, with a single occupant, has been driving slowly around the lot for the last hour, which they find to be suspicious.  As officer arrived on scene, the caller reported that the grey van had already left.  Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the vehicle.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 21

Theft-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 5:29pm complainant reports her cell phone was stolen at Pick N Save. The phone has been returned, but something is wrong with it. Officer spoke with the complainant who stated she had placed her phone and wallet on the basket part of her shopping cart and believed that while she was shopping, an unknown person(s) stole her cell phone from the cart.  Complainant stated she spoke with the manager who reviewed the security cameras and nobody was observed stealing her phone.  Upon calling the phone, a male subject answered the phone stating he had found the phone outside in the parking lot.  The subject brought the phone back to the complainant and turned it over to her.  Complainant wanted something documented in case any of her apps were accessed. 

Restraining Order Violation-3700blk of E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 7:06pm caller reports a violation of a restraining order.  Further investigation by the officer showed that there was no violation of the restraining order due to the complainant not actually seeing the person who the restraining order is against.

Loud noise Complaint-3800blk of S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 10:51pm Anonymous caller reports a loud party with lots of doors slamming.  Officer reports all was quiet upon arrival.  Officers attempted contact at the suspected apartment but there was no answer at the door. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 11

Motor Vehicle Accident-4200blk S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

At approximately 12:51pm Caller reports a minor accident in the parking lot.   No injuries were reported.   Officer reports driver of a vehicle had backed into a parked vehicle in the sales lot.  Report filed.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 15

Trespassing-4100blk of S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 1:33pm caller reports that her soon to be ex-husband is sitting in her driveway.   He has also been calling her and texting her nonstop. The ex-husband left prior to officer’s arrival. Officer made contact with the caller who stated her ex-husband came to her residence and wanted to come into the residence to talk to her.  The victim stated she told him he could not come in and got back into his vehicle and left, but was calling her continuously.  Officers made contact with the ex-husband outside of his residence, who stated he had been called by the victim and that he was just calling to talk to her and discuss their marital issues, as they are in the process of getting divorced.  The male was arrested for stalking and was transported to CJF.  Report filed.

Domestic Incident-4569 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 2:22am caller reports hearing a disturbance like a physical fight between a male and a female.  Officers attempted contact with the suspected apartment no one answered the door and all was quiet upon officers arrival.  Officers went back later in the morning and did not get an answer.  Officers then had the manager open the door with a key.  A male subject came to the door after officers yelled into the apartment.  The male subject stated he did not hear officers knocking or ringing the buzzer due to having two fans going in his bedroom.  Officers spoke to a female subject that lives there and she stated that they had a verbal argument but nothing physical happened and that everything was fine now.

Noise Complaint-3700blk of E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 3:19am caller reports there is loud music and loud talking from many people in the apartment above him. Officers made contact with the tenant who was warned and advised on the noise and stated he would quiet his guests down.

Motor Vehicle Accident-S. Clement Ave. and S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 7:41am caller reports that a vehicle struck a pole at the above location.  The driver advised that he is not injured, but the pole is down.  The accident found to have happened in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee PD was notified and was turned over to them.

Panhandling-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 6:52pm Pick N’ Save supervisor reports that there's a regular panhandler sitting on a bench outside near the Petco doors asking customers for money.  Officer reports making contact with a subject who denied panhandling.  The 40yr old Cudahy man was advised of complaint and was told that he is banned from the store, which he stated he understood.

Motor Vehicle Accident-S. Packard Ave. and E. Lunham Ave.

At approximately 7:24pm Officers responded to a two car accident.  No injuries were reported.  The driver, a 30yr old Cudahy man was cited for Failure to yield right-of-way.

Domestic Incident-3600blk of S. Arctic Ave.

At approximately 10:11pm 911 caller reports the downstairs neighbor is intoxicated and caller reports hearing a slamming noise downstairs and believes there might be a physical altercation. Officer reports a verbal argument ensued between a male and female.   During the argument, the female grabbed a large wooden "cribbage board" and swung it at the male causing an injury to his leg.  The female was arrested for battery-domestic violence related.  The female was then transported to the Milwaukee County Jail.  The Milwaukee DA’s office will review the case for charges.  Report filed.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 14 

Loitering-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 11:30am Pick N’ Save called stating that there is a subject by their west entrance panhandling.  Officers made contact with a 41yr old Cudahy man who was warned and advised about panhandling and that per Pick N’ Save he is not to be on their property or he will be arrested for trespassing.

Retail Theft-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 11:34am Loss Prevention requesting an officer to file a delayed retail theft report that occurred on 1/12/19.  There was a theft of formula that occurred on 1/12/19 at approximately 2:00pm.  The suspect is white female with a male unknown race.  The suspect vehicle was possibly a silver/gray Pontiac.  Loss Prevention will contact the police department if they are able to identify the suspects from other incidents at other stores.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 14

State traffic arrest-3400blk of 794

At approximately 6:56am While on a traffic stop officer found the driver, a 29yr old man from Milwaukee to be revoked (alcohol related) and did not have an IID installed in his vehicle.  He was taken into custody and was also found to be in possession of THC.  The man was booked, cited, and released.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.  Report filed.

Suspicious Activity-3900blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 11:15am caller reports someone hacked into his phone and is sending him screenshots of what he's doing on his phone, as well as possibly listening / watching him through his phone's microphone and camera.  The caller believes the hacker is someone from Australia who is working with people in the USA to do this. Officer reports the caller advised that he had a Facetime conversation a woman in Virginia, and believes the woman had her boyfriend hack into his phone. The caller is not out any money and was advised to create a new Facebook account. The caller advised that AT&T also came to his residence and re-routed his IP address. The caller will notify the police department if they gain access to his money accounts.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 18

Hit/Run Accident-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 5:48pm caller reports he saw a hit and run accident occur near the west doors of Pick N Save.  The caller gave a description of the suspect vehicle and the license plate.  It struck a parked vehicle in the parking lot.  The owner of the other vehicle stated there was damage to the driver side rear bumper.  Officer made contact with the driver of the offending vehicle at his residence.  The driver a 63yr old Cudahy man stated that he was pulling into the parking space and struck the other vehicle.  He stated he left the scene because he does not have insurance and does not have money to fix the other vehicle. The driver to be cited for Hit and Run - Unattended Vehicle.  Report filed.

Warrant Pick-up-2100blk of E. Tripoli Ave.

At approximately 7:06pm officers went to a residence to look for a subject who was wanted by Milwaukee PD for fleeing/eluding and 2nd degree reckless endangering safety.  Officers located the 18yr old male and took him into custody.  Milwaukee PD was notified and the subject was turned over to them for their warrant.

Wanted Person-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 7:12pm while officers were on a call, a 56yr old man from St. Francis had a valid body only warrant with Walworth County Sheriff for child support.  The man was taken into custody and taken to Milwaukee County Jail for Walworth County Sheriff to pick him up.

Neighbor Trouble-4563 S.Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 9:45pm caller states she slid a note under her neighbor's door asking them to be quiet because she has a newborn baby that's trying to sleep. The neighbors are now pounding on her door and purposely stomping around loudly upstairs.  Officers spoke to the tenants in the other apartment who stated there was never a note slid under their door and they denied being noisy.  The tenant showed officers video footage from their security camera showing that they were watching TV and had left the apartment for a period of time and then came back.   The tenant stated that this is an ongoing issue and has been brought up to the property owner.   Officers advised all parties to leave each other alone and to avoid future issues, to which they all agreed.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Total Call for Service: 25

Criminal Damage to Property-4100blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 1:44pm DPW reports graffiti on the green box in the middle of the field at the above property which belongs to WE Energies.  Officer took pictures of the graffiti.  Report filed.

Vehicle Complaint-S. Pennsylvania Ave. / E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 1:55pm 911 caller reports a silver Toyota Camry with tinted windows tried to run her off the road, n/b on Pennsylvania at Layton after she slowed down for a bike in traffic at Grange Ave.  The vehicle then turned n/b onto S. Whitnall Ave.  The caller was unable to get a plate.  Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the vehicle.

Suspicious Activity-2600 E. Bolivar Ave.

At approximately 1:58pm Principal at Willow Glen School reports the mailman stated that about 1.5 hours ago a male/white in a black 2dr Cadillac with tinted windows no plates was taking pictures/video of the school and once he was spotted he sped out of the area. Officers checked the area for the vehicle but were unable to locate it.

Vehicle Complaint-S. Nicholson Ave. / E. Bottsford Ave.

At approximately 5:17pm caller reports that a gold Toyota Corolla was driving recklessly and almost hit the caller.  The driver then got out and started yelling at the caller.  Officers checked the area for the vehicle but did not locate it.

Wanted Person-S. Whitnall Ave. S. Ahmedi Ave.

At approximately 6:16pm while officer was on traffic stop, the driver a 24yr old St. Francis man was found to have traffic warrants with West Allis PD and Oak Creek PD.  The man signed personal recognizance bonds for both PD’s and was released from custody.

Suspicious Activity-2800blk of E. Bolivar Ave.

At approximately 9:15pm caller reports that a person is coming over and he does not want him to come over.  The caller stated this person may be carrying a gun.  Officers stopped a vehicle seen leaving the callers apartment building.  Further investigation showed he had a gun but also had a permit.  The permit was revoked and the man was arrested for CCW.  He posted bail at the PD.  This case will be presented to Milwaukee DA’s officer for charges.