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St Francis Police Department Daily Activity Report
Thursday, July 12, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 23

Mutual Aid-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At 2:47am Milwaukee PD district #5 asked for St. Francis K9 to respond to assist in locating the driver and three other subjects that fled from a stolen vehicle that they were out with.  K9 Bane tracked almost a half a mile and located a subject believed to be the driver of the stolen vehicle which Milwaukee PD had arrested.

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At 1:43pm Cudahy PD advised that they had a 28yr old South Milwaukee man detained for three traffic warrants with our department.  The man was unable to post bail on the three tickets.  He signed a personal recognizance bond and was released from the scene. 

Noise Complaint-4400blk of S. New York Ave.

At 11:36pm Caller reports her neighbor has left his motorcycle running in the driveway for an unnecessary amount of time and the noise is disruptive. Officer made contact with neighbor who stated he had turned on the two motorcycles to put them in the garage and then immediately turned them off.  He was warned and advised on the complaint.  

Friday, July 13, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 26

Suspicious Activity-3600blk of S. Arctic Ave.

At 1:38am officer reports seeing a subject in the alleyway hide between some garages in the above area. Officer made contact with subject who was located on the patio of a house in the area.   The 28yr old man from Muskego stated he missed his bus, and was waiting for a friend who lives at the house where he was found at.   The male subject stated he hid when he saw the squad because he got nervous. Contact made with the friend who lives at the house where the male was found and   confirmed subject’s story.  It was then learned that the male subject had a PR ‘able warrant through Greenfield PD.  The male subject was transported to SFPD lobby to wait for a ride after signing a PR Bond. The subject was w/a prowling and entering others' properties without permission

Suspicious noise-E. Howard Ave. and S. Arctic Ave.

At 5:26am officer states he heard what sounded like gun shots.  Officer spoke to neighbors in the area who believed the sounds came from the area between S. Arctic Ave., E. Norwich Ave. and E. Howard Ave.  Officer checked the area but were unable to find anything.

Wanted Person-4500blk of 794

At 6:46am while officer was on a traffic stop the driver was found to hold a temporary misdemeanor warrant through South Milwaukee PD for DV/DC. Officer conveyed the subject to South Milwaukee PD.

Suspicious Activity- S. Barland Ave. and E. Waterford Ave.

At 11:42am Caller reports two suspicious vehicles: a white car and a red Bronco.  A woman and child keep getting out of the white vehicle and going around/sneaking around the corner. The caller then advised that the red vehicle left in an unknown directions of travel and the white car was heading toward Howard Ave.   Area checked unable to locate the vehicles.

Suspicious Activity-4400blk of S. Iowa Ave.

At 4:53pm Caller states that a known person to her is driving down her street very slowly. He was investigated previously for fraud against the family. The vehicle is described as silver Toyota Celica, missing gas cover door. The caller states that it is on her surveillance camera.  Officer reports the subject never exited his vehicle, but slowly drove by.  Officer reports that he was able to contact the subject and advised him of the complaint.  The subject was warned and advised on the trespassing and Disorderly Conduct laws.

Disorderly Conduct-3700blk of E. Denton Ave.

At 6:57pm Caller states that a neighbor has been using profanity and when she asked him to stop he pulled down his pants and spread his cheeks and made an inappropriate statement.  The caller did not want the subject arrested, just want to have him warned and advised on his actions.  Contact made with the suspect a 31yr old male was found to be intoxicated.  He denied pulling his pants down.  The subject was advised on his actions.   The caller called back and advised the subject did the same thing again.  Officers arrested the man and he was cited for disorderly conduct.  Report filed.

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At 11:30pm Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Dept. advised that they had a 27yr old man from Milwaukee in custody on two of our traffic warrants.  The man was unable to post bail.  He signed a personal recognizance bond and was released from custody.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 23

Mutual Aid-E. Howard Ave. and 794

At 2:15am South Milwaukee PD advised they were looking for a black Dodge Ram driven by a subject who was involved in a Disorderly Conduct while armed incident in their city.  St. Francis officer located the vehicle traveling north on 794. The vehicle was stopped near the Car Ferry exit and the subject was taken into custody. SMPD arrived at the scene and took custody.  SMPD had the vehicle towed.

Wanted Person- E. Howard Ave. and S. Iowa Ave.

At 4:13am while on traffic stop officer found that the driver a 23yr old man from Milwaukee to hold a valid warrant with our department for curfew violation. The subject signed a Personal Recognizance Bond on scene and was released.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia- 3700blk of 794

At 8:45pm while officer was on traffic stop, he requested a K9.   After there was a positive alert on the vehicle by the K9, officers searched the vehicle and located numerous drug paraphernalia items.  The driver, a 29yr old female from West Allis was taken into custody, cited and released.  The vehicle was towed.  Report filed.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 14

Recovered Stolen Vehicle-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At 1:19am officer located a moped that had been reported stolen approximately a week ago.  There was no damage to the moped.  The moped was towed back to the police department due to owner not being able to be reached to pick it up.

Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated- 3600blk of S. Iowa Ave.

At 3:55am Officer was out with an occupied vehicle that had a tire parked over a curb.  Contact was made with driver a 32yr old St. Francis man who advised he had moved his vehicle from his alleyway to the street, and had fallen asleep.  The odor of intoxicants was smelled on the driver.   He was given Standardized Filed Sobriety tests and failed.  He was arrested O.W.I.    The man was twice the legal limit.   Report filed.

Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated-1800blk of E. Layton Ave.

At 6:55pm while officer was on traffic stop, the driver a 29yr old female from Milwaukee was found to be intoxicated.  Officer conducted Standardized Filed Sobriety tests and she failed.  The female was arrested and cited for OWI-1st offense.  Report filed. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 25

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

12:59am Brookfield PD advised that they had a 34yr old man from Milwaukee detained for a warrant for a traffic offense with our department.  The man was unable to post bond, he signed a personal recognizance bond and was released on scene.

Disorderly Conduct-3680 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

At 9:20am Caller reports a female mother in the men's locker room.  She is refusing to leave.  Officer reports speaking with the female who stated that she took her grandson into the bathroom/locker room to change into his swim suit.  The female was advised to use the bathrooms in the hallway in the future, to avoid being in the men's locker room.

Welfare Check-4400blk of S. New York Ave.

At 11:51am Caller reporting that a 4yr old is being aggressive towards his grandparent.  Officer reports 4yr old had thrown cans of soda at the television and at his grandmother, and had thrown numerous papers on the ground.  The 4yr old was calm upon officers' arrival and agreed to help clean up the mess he made.  The grandparent was advised to call back if there are any further problems.

Harrassment-2800blk of E. Van Norman Ave.

At 4:50pm caller came to the PD to report he is being blackmailed via email.  The complainant reports he accepted a friend request on Facebook from an attractive female that he had never met before.  The male then advised that the female and he began to chat via messenger, when the female asked him to send nude photos of himself, and she would return the favor.  The male sent the photos of himself to the female, however the female is now threatening to share the photos with his friends and family if he does not send her $4,000.  The male was advised to contact Facebook to report the female, and to tell the female to stop contacting him.

Motor Vehicle Accident-E. Layton Ave. and S. Whitnall Ave.

At 9:16pm officers responded to a two vehicle accident.  No injuries were reported.  The one driver was cited for failure to obey red traffic signal.

Disorderly Conduct-2100blk of E. Howard Ave.

At 11:03pm Caller reports the neighbors next to her residence are outside having a party with loud music, causing a noise disturbance. Officer spoke with the neighbor who was warned and advised of the complaint, and agreed to turn the music off and go inside for the night.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 27

Wanted Person-S. Pennsylvania Ave. @ E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 1:13 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle for driving without headlights during hours of darkness.  The driver, a 24 year old Cudahy man, was found to hold a valid traffic warrant with Kenosha County.  The driver was taken into custody without incident and he was able to post bail at SFPD and released. Report filed.

Disorderly Conduct-4100 block S. Hately Ave.

At approximately 3:48 a.m., officers cited a 65 year old St. Francis man for disorderly conduct after he continuously called dispatch to report complaints which were unfounded. Report filed.

Motor Vehicle Accident-E. Layton Ave. @ 794

At approximately 5:06 p.m., police were called for an accident with no injuries involving two vehicles.  The drivers involved were a 32 year old Milwaukee man and a 66 year old Greenfield man.  Accident report filed.

Disorderly Conduct-3950 S. Clement Ave.

At approximately 9:56 p.m., a citizen walked into SFPD to report having problems with her boyfriend.  Investigation revealed a 24 year old Milwaukee man had pushed his girlfriend and took her phone after an argument.  The woman then got into her vehicle and drove to the police department.  The woman requested that the man be warned and advised on his actions and she was given information in regards to obtaining a restraining order.  Their relationship did not meet the domestic violence criteria.

Criminal Damage to Property-Deer Creek School 3680 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

At approximately 10:28 p.m., an officer on patrol observed a broken window on the east side of the school.  It appears that a basketball may have broken the window.  The officer will follow up with the building’s custodian. Report filed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Total Calls for Service: 40

Suspicious Activity-Willow Glen School 2600 E. Bolivar Ave.

At approximately 12:19 p.m., an anonymous citizen contacted police to report a suspicious vehicle drove behind the school and dumped a bunch of debris.  Officer responded and learned that the vehicle was associated with the construction crew that is doing work at the school. No cause to the complaint.

Theft-3795 E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 1:33 p.m., a citizen walked into SFPD to report a theft.  An officer responded and learned the complainant was missing medication from his apartment and he suspects his roommate may have taken it.  The complainant did not want the theft investigated and was more seeking advice on how to have his roommate evicted from the apartment.

Damage to Property-3725 E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 2:42 p.m., a citizen contacted police to report damage to her vehicle.  Investigation revealed that sometime between 5 p.m. on 07/15/18 and 5:15 a.m. on 07/16/18 unknown person(s) scratched the driver side door and mirror on her vehicle while parked in the parking lot. Report filed.

Wanted Person-3200 block E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 10:33 p.m., an officer stopped a vehicle for non-registration.  The passenger, a 21 year old Milwaukee man, was found to have a warrant with the West Allis Police Department for Possession of Marijuana.  The man was unable to post bond and was released after signing a personal recognizance bond.