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Can my assessment change in the years between citywide revaluations?
The only time a property assessment typically changes between revaluations is when we become aware that the owner of the property has made improvements that resulted in the property becoming more desirable than houses of similar age and style. If our record of the home did not reflect these improvements, even if they occurred in the past, a correction will be made to reflect the home as it is now.
Alternatively, if a desirable feature is removed, like a garage, deck or central air conditioner, the home may be less desirable and the record should be corrected to reflect that change as well. These “nuts and bolts” kinds of changes can affect both your assessment and your tax burden along the way.
We may review a property record for many reasons, including a citywide “records review’ program or as a result of a recent building permit or sale of the property to a new owner. In such a review, market conditions are not taken into consideration.

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