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Do the market values of all properties change at the same rate and over the same time frame?
Significant differences exist between individual properties and the neighborhoods where they are located. In particular areas of the City, sales prices may change dramatically over a short period of time. In other areas, any increase may not be significant.

Different styles of property in a single neighborhood may also experience variation in sale prices. For example, a single-story house may be in high demand while two-story houses may lag on the market or vice-versa. In addition, older homes in the same area may be rising in value more slowly than newer homes.

Generally, commercial and industrial properties do not appreciate at the same rate as single family residential homes. There are numerous factors to be considered in St. Francis, which will cause each property's values to differ. Some of the factors that can affect value are location, condition, size, quality, number of baths, basement finish, garages and many others.

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9. Do the market values of all properties change at the same rate and over the same time frame?
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