The Administrator shall have the combined positions of Administrator, Finance Director, Budget Director, Labor Negotiator, Purchasing Agent, and Legislative Representative.

Subject to limitations defined in resolutions and ordinances of the City, he shall be the chief administrative officer of the City, responsible only to the Mayor and the Common Council for proper administrator of the business and affairs of the City under the state statutes, the ordinances of the City and the resolutions and directions of the Common Council, with the following duties and responsibilities.

The Administrator shall:

  • Provide leadership for the organization by executing the City Council’s policies, ordinances, resolutions and service objectives.
  • Work with the council, city staff and citizens to establish and implement long-range goals and objectives.
  • Advise the council of the City's current financial condition and future financial needs in order to maintain high quality services and facilities.
  • Be responsible for coordinating the administrative activities of all City departments.