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 Bartender License

Bartending Licenses in the City of St. Francis are considered before the Licensing Committee on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month.  New bartenders are required to appear before the Committee prior to issuance of the license.  Applications to be considered must be submitted along with fees by 5 PM on the Wednesday prior to a Tuesday meeting to allow time for background check and placement on the agenda.

Applicants must present a copy of a current Seller/Server Class sanctioned by the WI Dept. of Revenue, or a current bartender license from another WI municipality prior to issuance of the license.  This can be submitted via email or in person.

Our licensing year runs from July 1st through June 30th and renewal applications are mailed or emailed depending on preference in April each year.  Renewal applicants are not required to attend a License Committee Meeting.


 Pet Licensing

Please review the City Ordinance: Dogs & Cat Licensing regarding regulations in place pertaining to Dog & Cat Licensing.
The City also requires current Rabies information from the vet in order to issue the license.  A postcard from MADACC with current rabies dates and the rabies tag number is acceptable.  Dog or Cat licenses will not be issued until proper rabies information is provided by pet owner.
Fee Schedule

Licenses are due by March 31st.  After April 1st dog and/or cat licenses are subject to late fees.

  • Fee for unaltered dogs and cats shall be:  $24.00
  • Fee for altered (spayed or neutered) dogs and cats shall be:  $12.00
  • Fee if dog or cat is 5 months of age after July 1st of license year & unaltered shall be $12.00
  • Late fee for unaltered and altered dogs or cats will be doubled

 Records and/or Official Information Request

To request records and/or official information from City Hall please complete an Open Records Request below.