Emergency Management

Residents of the City of St. Francis should be aware of and prepared for the potential public health emergencies and threats.  It’s recommended that all residents develop a disaster plan and kit to be ready for natural health threats (such as a pandemic flu outbreak), a natural disaster (such as a tornado or flood), or an act of bio terrorism, or an accidental release of a chemical or other substance.

To view a 3-Day Emergency Supply Checklist visit the link below.

The following links contain valuable information to assist you in preparing your family for the unexpected.

St. Francis Health Department Response To Outbreaks
Public health has plans to respond to all sorts of emergencies.  Examples are: natural occurring infectious disease outbreaks such as H1N1, pandemic influenza, bacterial meningitis, Hepatitis A, Tuberculosis.  Other types of disease that could be classified as bioterrorism are: anthrax, smallpox and plague.

In the event of a Public Health Emergency the St. Francis Health Department will communicate with residents in several ways.  Information will be on television, the radio, newspaper, special hot lines such as 211 and of course this website.

Information about the disaster will be given, such as the disease and its symptoms, who is at risk, what to do to stay healthy, where you should go to get preventative medication and if you are already ill, where you should go to get medical attention.
Point of Dispensing- Emergency Medicine Distribution Information (POD)
If a widespread disease or a bioterrorist attack should occur, the St. Francis Health Department will open temporary clinics called POINTS OF DISPENSING (PODs) to provide medication to all residents to protect them against the threat.
  • Medication will be free
  • A specific medication will be given.  No other medication will be given.
  • Sick People will not be treated at the pod.  People that are sick should go to the hospital.
  • Watch the news on TV or listen to the radio when an emergency happens.  Information will be given as to where and when the POD will be and be open.
  • Be prepared!  The following information will be needed for all family members.  Please bring this information with you for each family member!
    • Weight
    • Allergies
    • Medical Conditions
    • Current Medications Taken