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Natural Planting Application

Inspection Permits

Permits may be downloaded and mailed with a check (Payable to the City of St. Francis). There are no online payments for permits.

v  General Building Permit
v  Electrical Permit
v  HVAC Permit
v  Plumbing Permit
v Obstruction/Dumpster Permit
v Occupancy Permit

  • Permit forms may be mailed or dropped off in person.    
  • Payment by mail must be either cash or check. Credit cards are accepted as payment in person only, and for a fee.   
  • Permit applications that require plan submittal will not be processed until appropriate plans are received by the City of St. Francis electronically.
  • Permit applications must be completely filled in, except for permit numbers, issuance date, receipt number, or key numbers.

Permits should be mailed or delivered to St. Francis City Hall: 
3400 E Howard Avenue St. Francis, WI  53235.

Buildings that are condemned as unfit for human habitation, abandoned, vacant, or in violation of minimum maintenance standards must be registered with the City.  Please use this form.

Any questions, please contact the Building Inspector at (414) 481-2300 ext. 4311.

    Schedule of Permit Fees
    Permit fees may be viewed by visiting 2020 Fee Schedule.  Any questions about these fees should be addressed to the Building Inspector.

    Engineering & DPW Permits
    These permits must be approved by the Engineering Department prior to work beginning. 
    There are NO online payments for permits.  

    Right-of-Way Permit
    General Conditions for Street Openings
    Driveway Approach, Sidewalk Curb & Gutters: Detail Drawing

    If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at (414) 481-2300.