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St Francis Police Department Daily Activity Report
Friday, June 26, 2020
Total Calls for Service: 16

Neighbor Trouble-2900blk of E. Allerton Ave.

At approximately 12:14pm Caller reporting that he and a neighbor got into a verbal argument over a BLM sign in his yard. The caller advised that he was sitting outside when a male subject he sees walking in the area began to yell at him regarding the sign. This made him feel uneasy.  The caller requests that an officer speak with the male and warn and advise him on his disorderly behavior and to leave him alone.  The man was described as a white male in his 60's, tall/thin, with medium grey hair.  Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the man.

Suspicious Activity-3221 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 7:12pm Caller reports that male subject tried to gain entry into the building by stating he wanted to join, possibly work there, or at least visit. 
The caller believes they saw the same subject sitting on the hood of his car on Wednesday.  The vehicle was a blue Ford Focus with white front bumper, and red spray paint around license plate.  The man was described as a black male in his late 20s, avg. build, green & gray jogging pants, green short sleeve t-shirt.  Officer spoke with the caller who advised that the subject mentioned he wanted to join the church.  The caller advised there is no church in the building and found it suspicious. The caller will call if the subject returns.  Extra patrols requested.

Assist the fire department-1800blk of E. St. Francis Ave.

At approximately 11:17pm Caller reports seeing a wire come down at the address east of hers and she does see a flame. SFFD and officers dispatched for same. Officers on scene confirmed a tree branch fell onto a wire causing the wire to fall off the residence there.  WE Energies contacted to respond for a wire across vehicles and shrubbery in the area.  Officer reports downed wire came in contact with cable wires on the side of the residence at 1817 E. St. Francis Ave., causing the wires to burn and melt and the siding and soffit.   Milwaukee Fire Dept. arrived on scene and checked the upper and lower units finding no internal damage, but a light smoky haze in the upper and basement at that location.  WE energies reconnected the line to the residence.   Tenants advised they would need to contact an electrician for further work on Saturday.  

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 23

Field Interrogation-3900 block S. Lipton Ave.

At approximately 12:52 a.m., an officer on patrol came upon an occupied vehicle. Officer spoke with a 16 year old St. Francis teen, a 15 year old Milwaukee teen, and a 19 year old Milwaukee teen. They were found to be cousins and were outside in the vehicle talking. Contact was made with the 16 year old teen’s mother who was aware they were outside talking and that they were spending the night. Officers cleared.

Suspicious Activity-S. Pennsylvania Ave. @ E. Van Norman Ave.

At approximately 10:17 p.m., a citizen walked into SFPD to report their vehicle may have been stolen. Officer spoke with the citizen who stated he last saw his vehicle, a green 2003 Chevy Cavalier 4DR, when he parked it somewhere in the vicinity at the above location. The citizen stated he was having car problems, walked back to his residence in West Allis, and when he returned hours later his vehicle was not where he believed he parked it. The citizen will continue to look for his vehicle and the officer will conduct follow up. At this time, the citizen is not certain where he actually parked his vehicle.

Fireworks Complaint-1700 block E. St. Francis Ave.

At approximately 10:24 p.m., a citizen called police to report fireworks being lit in the area causing a noise disturbance. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate the source.

Noise Complaint-3600 block S. Alabama Ave.

At approximately 11:46 p.m., a citizen called police to report a residence had people outside on their back patio being loud causing a noise disturbance. Officer responded and no noise could be heard coming from the residence in question.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 27

Motor Vehicle Accident-S. Whitnall Ave. @ 794

At approximately 12:11 a.m., the Cudahy Police Department notified SFPD of a two vehicle rollover accident at the above location. The involved drivers were a 59 year old Cudahy woman and a 36 year old St. Francis man. The woman was cited for inattentive driving. Accident report filed.

Disorderly Conduct-4200 S. Vermont Ct.

At approximately 2:42 a.m., a citizen called police to report hearing a male and female arguing in the hallway. Officers responded and spoke with a 29 year old St. Francis man and a 27 year old South Milwaukee woman. Both stated they were involved in a verbal argument and did not realize they were being loud. They both stated they were leaving to spend the night at the woman’s mother’s residence in Cudahy. They were advised of the complaint and that future complaints could result in citations being issued.

Missing Person-E. Howard Ave. @ S. Clement Ave.

At approximately 3:20 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver, an 81 year old Milwaukee man, was found to have been reported missing to the Milwaukee Police Department.  MPD was contacted and the man was turned over to them.

 Motor Vehicle Accident-4215 S. Vermont Ct.

At approximately 3:10 p.m., the landlord called police to report a tenant struck the building with his vehicle. Officer responded and learned a 55 year old St. Francis man accidentally struck the building while attempting to back into his parking stall. Accident report filed.

Family Trouble-4500 block S. Vermont Ave.

At approximately 7:28 p.m., police were called to a home for a report of an argument between a husband and wife. Officers responded and spoke with a 42 year old St. Francis man and a 43 year old St. Francis woman. They both stated they had a verbal argument over whether or not they had received their new garbage receptacles or not. They were both warned and advised regarding the domestic violence laws in Wisconsin. The male left for the night to stay by his sister’s house.

Disorderly Conduct-4535 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 11:41 p.m., police received several 911 calls reporting a possible physical altercation taking place in one of the apartments. Officers responded and spoke with a 25 year old Milwaukee man who stated he was threatened by his Aunt and cousin. The man, who was intoxicated, did not want to pursue charges and wanted to go home. The man was picked up by his girlfriend. Officers attempted contact at the suspected apartment with negative results.

Monday, June 29, 2020
Total Calls for Service: 19

Fireworks Complaint-3700blk of S. Iowa Ave.

At approximately 1:04am Caller reports hearing possible fire crackers in the area and then observing a silver Crown Royale type vehicle speeding through the neighborhood without headlights on. Her friend then observed the possible vehicle on E. Howard speeding up behind her before passing illegally, still without headlights on. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the vehicle.

Disorderly Conduct-1602 E. Layton Ave. (Airport Motors)

At approximately 12:42pm Caller says there is a male threatening to break into the cars at the above address.  He is currently outside, wearing a white t-shirt, black shorts and a ball cap. The man got into a Nissan Altima and left northbound.  Officer reports the vehicle was located by officers, and stopped 4500 block S Brust Ave. Contact was made with the male subject who stated he engaged in a verbal argument with owners of Airport Motors regarding vehicle repairs.  The man denied making threats towards Airport Motors employees.  The man was taken into custody for state OAR, possession of THC and Littering.  Order to detain was placed by Probation and Parole.  He was transported to the Milwaukee County Jail.  Report to follow.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 17

Trespassing-4300 block of S. Nicholson Ave.

At approximately 3:28 a.m. Caller reports a known subject tried to climb up her balcony. He is no longer near the area. Officer reports speaking with the caller who reported hearing a noise outside of her bedroom window. Caller stated when she went to see what it was, the noise was her ex-boyfriend, attempting to get onto her balcony.  Officers checked the area for the subject but were unable to locate him. Officer attempted phone contact with the subject but had to leave a voicemail.   The caller wanted him warned and advised on his actions and to tell him to stop all contact with her and that future contact would result in him being cited.  The caller was provided information regarding restraining orders.

Suspicious Activity-2600 block of E. Allerton Ave.

At approximately 7:47 a.m. Caller reports his neighbor has had her front and side door open for 2 days and doesn’t believe she is home.  Officer reports home owner is working from home and everything is fine.

Welfare Check-S. Nicholson Ave. / E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 2:17 p.m. Caller reports an elderly gentlemen, roaming in middle of the crosswalks in traffic. He is wearing a red shirt, and a backpack on the front of his chest.  Officer reports making contact with the subject.   He was observed panhandling while waiting for a bus.  While on scene the subject’s son arrived and said that he would take him home.  The 66 year old Greenfield man was warned and advised on walking in the street and panhandling.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 15

Welfare Check-4220 S. Vermont Ct.

At approximately 3:46 a.m. 911 transfer caller reports she had a verbal argument with her daughter (28yrs old) and called 911 to scare her. Caller advised there are no problems at the residence at this time. Officers attempted contact and there was no answer at the door and nothing could be heard from outside of the residence. Officers then cleared and were able to make contact with the caller later on at 7:15 a.m. both the mother and daughter stated they were fine and had a verbal argument earlier about her daughter’s boyfriend.  Both had been drinking earlier and didn’t hear officers knocking at the door earlier.  No further assistance needed.

Criminal Damage to Property-2300 block of E. Eden PL.

At approximately 8:23 a.m. Caller reports damage to his window. He was not sure, but last night he did hear what he thought was a M80 or loud firework go off.   A screen and two panes of glass were broken from the outside to the inside.  A plastic piece from fireworks was found in flower garden.  Spent fireworks were also located in the area.  Further follow-up to be done with the neighbors in regards to the damaged window.

Retail Theft-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 3:43 p.m. Caller reports a retail theft had occurred at the above location. The suspect is in custody.  Officer spoke to the suspect who admitted to taking the items without paying for them. He was advised he was no longer able to shop at Pick N Save stores.   He was cited, and released on scene. Report to follow.

Fraud-3900 block of S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 5:56 p.m. complainant came to the PD to report that an unknown person(s) has been trying to open lines of credit in his name. Officer reports that the complainant was contacted by Capitol One Bank in regards to an account that someone attempted to open in his name.  The complainant stated he then checked with Identity IQ and was advised there were numerous other fraudulent accounts/cards that had been attempted to be opened in his name. Complainant stated none of these fraudulent accounts/cards were successfully opened and he is not out any money.  Complainant requested this be documented at this time. 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 18

Welfare Check-4565 S. Whitnall Ave. (Parking Lot)

At approximately 8:25 a.m. Anonymous caller reports a couple in the parking lot, a female punching a male subject, then saw a vehicle leave. The female was wearing a burgundy shirt and grey pants. The male subject had no shirt and was wearing shorts.  Officers responded and checked the area.  They were unable to locate anyone.

Civil Matter-2400 block of E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 5:39 p.m. 911 caller reports that a male subject took her money to fix a car and has not done any work. Contact was made with the caller who advised that she contacted the male subject from an ad on Craig's List to do some work on her vehicle.  The male subject completed the work, but did not do it correctly. She advised him of this, and he agreed to complete the job after she bought the part, but then he did not return her text messages.  The caller advised that she had someone else call to have the male subject do work for them so she could find out where he was, drove near his residence, and contacted the police.  The caller wanted the $20 tip she gave the subject back as well as the part back.  The subject gave the officer the $20, but said that he had someone else return the part to her residence.  The caller was advised that for her to recoup any other money it would have to be done in civil court, and was advised to not contact the male subject anymore.  The man was advised not to contact the caller or make any threats towards her.

Domestic Incident-4607 S. Whitnall Ave. (Neighborhood Bar)

At approximately 7:16 p.m. Caller reports that a female walked into the bar and advised that she had been battered at her residence. The female had a bruise on her face.  Investigation showed that after an argument, the boyfriend, grabbed the victim by her face and squeezed, then punched her with a closed fist on the right side of her face.   He then pushed the victim out of her vehicle and onto the ground.  The male subject fled and refused to come into the PD to make a statement.  Officers checked a bar in Milwaukee and the male subject’s residence and were unable to locate him.  A Temporary Misdemeanor warrant was entered for the male subject.  The male subject later contacted the officer and stated he would come in on Monday to turn himself in.  Officers will continue to search for the subject.  Report to follow.

Domestic Incident-S. Kinnickinnic Ave. / E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 8:45 p.m. 911 caller reports he was waved down by a female subject requesting help because a male subject she was with was violent against her.  A second 911 call came in from the male subject who the female’s boyfriend was reporting the female was violent with him. Both parties were intoxicated and had been drinking.  Investigation showed that during an argument over relationship issues, the female punched the male two times in the face and threw water on him.  The male complained of pain to his left cheek and had some bruising.  The female claimed the male punched her first in the face two times, chipping a tooth.  The female showed no signs of being injured and the chipped tooth could not be seen.  The female was arrested for battery - DV and cited for resisting after she tried to flee from Officer.  The female was transported to the Milwaukee County Jail.  This case will be presented to the DA’s Office for charges.  Report to follow.    

Friday, July 3, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 40

Noise Complaint-E. Tripoli Ave. @ S. Arctic Ave.

At approximately 2:55 a.m., an anonymous citizen called police to report people talking loudly outside causing a noise disturbance. Officer responded and spoke with a 31 year old St. Francis man and a 36 year old Milwaukee man who were outside talking. They were advised of the complaint.

Wanted Person-3900 block 794

At approximately 9:36 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver, a 19 year old Cudahy man, was found to have an outstanding traffic warrant with the Oak Creek Police Department. The man signed a personal recognizance bond and was released from the stop.

Domestic Violence-2400 block E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 12:22 p.m., police received a 911 call reporting a male was hitting a female. Officers responded and learned that a 41 year old St. Francis man struck his girlfriend with an open hand during an argument. The man, who was intoxicated, also attempted to pull away from officers while being handcuffed. The man was subsequently taken into custody and conveyed to the Milwaukee County Jail. This case will be forwarded to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for review. Report filed.

Damage to Property-4521 S. Ahmedi Ave.

At approximately 1:41 p.m., a citizen came to SFPD to report damage to her vehicle. Investigation revealed sometime between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. unknown person(s) shattered the complainant’s windshield with an unknown object without consent. Report filed.

Family Trouble-1700 block E. Eden Place

At approximately 8:45 p.m., police were called to a home for a dispute between a husband and wife. Officer responded and learned that a verbal argument ensued between the husband and his soon to be ex-wife over child custody. The situation was mediated with the children staying with their father for the weekend.

Neighbor Trouble-1700 block E. St. Francis Ave.

At approximately 10:51 p.m., a citizen called police to report her neighbors are being loud, using profane language, causing a noise disturbance. Officer responded and found the neighbors outside talking. The complainant thought the neighbors were talking about her as there is an ongoing feud between them. All parties agreed to go in for the night and both parties were warned and advised regarding their behavior towards one another.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 34

Disorderly Conduct-3515 E. Tesch Ave.

At approximately 1:31 a.m., SFPD responded to the above location for an argument between a husband and wife. Officers learned that both parties had been drinking and the female had been using illegal drugs. Both parties stated the argument was over relationship issues and no physical violence had taken place. The female party agreed to leave for the night. Both parties were warned and advised regarding the domestic violence laws in the state of Wisconsin.

Vehicle Complaint-Greene Park 3356 E. Lunham Ave.

At approximately 2:42 p.m., a citizen called police to report two vehicles were driving on the sidewalk and on the grass at the above location. Officer responded, located both vehicles, and warned and advised the drivers. They moved their vehicles onto the city street without incident.

Fireworks Violation-City Wide

Officers responded to 14 complaints involving firework violations throughout the city between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 26

Disorderly Conduct-4600 block of S. Kansas Ave.

At approximately 12:19 a.m. Anonymous caller reports a party at the above location with intoxicated people.  Caller is concerned there was a possible physical fight among the people due to what sounded like fighting coming from the party. Officer reports speaking to a female who stated she and her mother were yelling at each other over the phone over family issues and that there were no issues within the residence.  She was advised of the complaint.

Suspicious Activity-4521 S. Ahmedi Ave.

At approximately 1:58 a.m. 911 call from a female stating there was possible forced entry to her apartment. The caller kept disconnecting before an apartment number or further information could be given.  Officer reports upon arrival that they found a door opened and conducted a walk-through of the building, where a male subject was located on the first floor.  The male stated he and a female were hanging out and that she got upset with him and asked him to leave.  The male stated the female then left and called the police on him.  Contact was later made with the female by phone who stated she wanted the male gone and that nothing physical had happened.  The male subject was transported to his residence without incident.  

Disorderly Conduct-2450 E. Layton Ave. (Hardee’s)

At approximately 1:08 a.m. 911 caller, Hardee's employee, states that a female was yelling and swearing at employees inside the store.  Officer reports making contact with employees who stated that a female who identified herself called the restaurant demanding a refund for several meals she allegedly purchased several days ago.  Hardee’s employee stated that the female then came into the restaurant and immediately started to yell at another employee.  The female then ran out of the store and left in a black Suburban or Tahoe with out of state plates.  Employees request that the female be w/a and told she is not welcome back, if she is located.

Neighbor Trouble-3100 block of E. Cudahy Ave.

At approximately 7:48 p.m. caller contacted the police in regards to a camera pointing at her home and had some questions about it.  Officer reports caller felt the camera was installed to monitor her family’s activity and is illegal. Caller stated the camera was mounted on neighbor’s garage and faces neighbor’s yard and the play set. Contact was made with neighbor, who denies monitoring the caller’s family and stated the camera is to monitor her yard and to watch her children when they are outside. The caller was advised and understood the camera placement was legal. 

Welfare Check-3800 block of S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 9:51 p.m. Officer reporting multiple people stopped in the street at the above location. Investigation showed that a male subject was almost struck by a vehicle and needed a well fare check done.  The male subject had a dried laceration to the face, and appeared to be intoxicated.  The male refused medical attention. The male had walked away from his assisted living facility in Milwaukee. He was returned home and turned over to the facility owner.

Monday, July 6 , 2020

Total Calls for Service: 20

Neighbor Trouble-3862 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 10:01 a.m. Caller says her neighbor is standing outside the entrance door to building, and won’t let her enter.  She believes he is standing there on purpose.  Officer reports speaking to the caller who observed the male subject standing in front of the door to her complex, and believed that He was doing it intentionally to not allow her inside.  Officers spoke to the male who advised he was talking to a landscaping contractor, and did not do anything to prevent her from entering the building.  Both parties were separated and advised to not contact each other, no further issues.

Vehicle Complaint-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 2:51 p.m. 911 caller reports a silver vehicle tried to hit her in the lot of Pick N Save.  Vehicle last seen E/B on Layton Ave.  Officer Reports making phone contact with the caller who stated that after leaving the Pick N’ Save lot while driving E/B on Layton, the listed vehicle intentionally tried to run her off the road.  Caller requests officers make contact with the driver of the listed vehicle and w/a on driving habits as she had her small children in the vehicle.  Officer made contact with the other registered owner regarding the complaint.  He denied driving at Pick N Save or on E. Layton Ave.  He was W/A on the complaint and his driving habits.

Motor Vehicle Accident-3500 block of E. Norwich Ct.

At approximately 6:16 p.m. Caller reports a vehicle struck a house.  SFFD and officers dispatched.  Officer reports the driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal causing her vehicle to accelerate forward and into the apartment building causing damage.  No injuries.  Vehicle towed from scene.  Report to follow.

Welfare Check-4100 block of S. Hatley Ave

At approximately 8:06 p.m. Caller would like a welfare check on her cousin.  She is concerned because he doesn't have air conditioning and the heat has been excessive the past couple days. Officer reports making contact with the caller’s cousin, who was fine, and reported no issues.

Tuesday, July 7 ,2020

Total Calls for Service: 22

Wanted Person-4000 S. KIngan Ave.

At approximately 10:04 a.m. while officers were investigating another complaint, the male subject they were talking to had a warrant with St. Francis PD for operating a motor vehicle while suspended.  The subject could not post the bail so he signed a PR bond. 

Welfare Check-4500 block of S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 10:41 a.m. 911 caller reports younger male yelling for mom, came staggering down the street. Wearing a blue shirt, white shorts hiding behind the tree.  Officers made contact with the 43yr old male who denied needing any help.  He stated he hurt his leg riding his bike and was going to take the bus to his sister’s house.  Officers cleared.  

Vehicle Complaint-3356 E. Lunham Ave. (Nathaniel Greene Park)

At approximately 3:09 p.m. Anonymous caller reports that there is a silver BMW that is doing donuts in the parking lot at the above location.   Officer checked the area and the vehicle was gone.

Possession of Marijunia-2500 block of E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 5:19 p.m. officer conducted traffic stop conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for speed and the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle as the Officer drove next to it.  A K9 Search was conducted and CBD which tested field tested positive for marijuana was located.  The subject was arrested, cited and released.  Report to follow.  

Criminal Damage to Property-4025 S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 9:24 p.m. Caller reports his roommate's ex-boyfriend just left in his vehicle after a physical fight. Officer reports contact made with two subject who are roommates.  Investigation showed that the one subject’s ex-boyfriend came over and tackled him, and physically fought with the other two subject that live at the apartment and smashed his Xbox. The one subject did not want the ex-boyfriend arrested for fighting but did want his Xbox replaced.  Contact made with the suspect via phone, who denied being at the residence. The subject was advised he needed to come to the St Francis Police Department to speak with officer in regards to the incident which occurred. The suspect ultimately hung up on officers.  The suspect will be issued and mailed citations for Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Damage to Property.  Report to follow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 13

Welfare Check-3700 block of S. Ahmedi Ave.

At approximately 5:17 a.m. Caller reports hearing someone at her neighbor’s house possibly fall outside.  Officer reports speaking with the homeowner, who advised everyone was fine, no issues.

Possession of Drugs-1600 block of E. Bolivar Ave.

At approximately 11:47 a.m. while conducting a traffic stop, Officer advised that he had a Hispanic male with a backpack flee from the vehicle. K9 Officer and K9 Bane were able to locate the suspect, and his backpack which he had placed in a trash can behind a residence. Officer reports a large amount of THC was found in both the vehicle and backpack along with plastic baggies, and a scale.  The driver was arrested for Possession with Intent/THC.  One of the passengers was on probation and had an order to detain placed on him after contacting probation/parole. He was later transported to the CJF.  The vehicle was towed.  Report to follow.

Juvenile Complaint-4224 S. Kirkwood Ave.

At approximately 4:46 p.m. Caller reports approximately five juveniles between the ages of 8-12, were pulling on the doors at the pavilion.  Officer reports no juveniles were located in the area and no damage was done to any of the buildings.