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St Francis Police Department Daily Activity Report
Thursday, November 7, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 21

Hit & Run Accident-4515 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 5:58 am caller reports while she was out walking her dog she noticed damage to a sign, possibly caused by a vehicle. Officer reports the 30 MPH sign was struck by an unknown vehicle that had left the scene.  Parts of a black vehicle were located at the scene. The striking vehicle should have front end damage. Officer spoke with caller who stated she spoke to her neighbor who leaves at 3:30 am for work and the sign was not damaged at that time.  DPW was notified about the sign.  Report to follow.

Fraud-3800blk of S. Rutland Ave.

At approximately 2:04 pm caller reports that someone had opened up a Pay Pal account in his name.  Caller reports $1800 dollars was charged to the account.  Caller was advised to call the collection agency and PayPal to report this as a fraud. Report to follow. 

Friday, November 8, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 18

911 Hang-up-4563 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 11:28am MPD reports receiving a 911 misdial from the above location. Officer reports a male and female left while he arrived on scene.  Another male subject stated his friend is going through a divorce and came to his residence intoxicated. The male subject told his friend he was too intoxicated to be at his residence.  The female called 911 because her boyfriend’s mood was up and down and was afraid he would get violent.  The female drove the intoxicated male to his residence in Oak Creek.   The male friend stated nothing verbal or physically occurred.  He was advised if the intoxicated friend returns to call the police. 

Suspicious Activity-2700blk of E. Crawford Ave.

At approximately 11:29am Caller reports a male white subject with brown or black boots and jeans and dark colored jacket that had walked onto her property and stayed there for approx... 4 min.  Caller could see the subject on her home security camera app.  Officer reports checking the house, all was secure, and there were no footprints in the snow around the house.  Officers checked the area for the described subject but were unable to locate him.   Caller arrived on scene and stated she would contact SFPD if anything out of the ordinary was found at the residence.

Motor Vehicle Accident- E. Howard Ave. / S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 4:54pm 911 caller reports an accident without injuries at Pennsylvania and Howard Ave’s.   The operator of the striking vehicle fled southbound on Pennsylvania Ave. in a gray older model SUV, possibly a Jeep.  Investigation revealed the fleeing vehicle rear ended the caller who was stopped at a red-light.  The driver of the fleeing vehicle identified himself to the other driver with a Wisconsin DL but fled when police were called.  Officers located the fleeing vehicle.  The driver was arrested and cited for OAR (state), and cited for inattentive driving and no insurance.  The driver also had a warrant for OAR with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Dept.  He was later turned over to them at SFPD.  Report filed.

Saturday, November 9, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 32

Shooting/Sounds of Shots-3700 block S. Vermont Ave.

At approximately 10:32 a.m., a citizen called police to report hearing the sounds of shots from a BB or pellet gun coming from the area. Officers responded and discovered a 13 year old teen was shooting a BB gun at a pumpkin in his backyard. Officer spoke with the teen’s father who was advised of the complaint and the ordinance pertaining to the shooting of projectiles within the city.

Suspicious Activity-3100 block E. Norwich Ave.

At approximately 2:46 p.m., a citizen called police to report observing suspicious activity. The citizen reported observing what they felt may have been a “hand to hand” drug transaction in the parking lot involving a black Audi. This occurred approximately ½ hour prior to the call. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate the vehicle. The citizen was advised to call back if and when the vehicle returns.

Disorderly Conduct-1225 E. Norwich Ave.

At approximately 4:58 p.m., a citizen called police to report he had a known female spend the night at his apartment and she got intoxicated, battered him, and stole money and his phone. Officers responded and spoke with the complainant who did not wish to press charges against the woman and only wanted his property back. While on scene, officers found the complainant’s phone which he believed the woman stole. Officers did not observe any marks or physical injuries on the complainant. Officer made contact with a 54 year old Milwaukee woman who denied battering the complainant or stealing from him.  She was warned and advised of the complaint.  The complainant stated he would continue to look for his wallet since his phone was found inside his apartment.

Mutual Aide-E. Layton Ave. @ S.Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 11:03 p.m., SFPD officers overheard via the radio that the Speedway gas station (6200 block S. Pennsylvania Ave.) had been robbed by a lone male. A description of the vehicle was broadcasted and SFPD officers observed the vehicle eastbound on E. Layton Ave. at S. Nicholson Ave. A traffic stop was initiated and a 37 year old Cudahy man was taken into custody without incident and turned over to Cudahy Police Department. Report filed.

Sunday, November 10, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 13

Operating While Intoxicated-E. St. Francis Ave. / S. Ellen St.

At approximately 3:36am officer reports while in the above area, he observed a red pickup truck squealing its tires from S. Ellen onto E. St. Francis Ave.  The driver a 25yr old Milwaukee man was placed through field sobriety tests and performed poorly.  He was arrested for O.W.I 1st offense and Prohibited Alcohol Concentration 1st offense.   Report to follow. 

Suspicious Activity-4200blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 6:58am Caller reports that the house to the south of him is vacant, and it appears that someone may have made entry through a window on the North side. Officers arrived on scene and located the opened window which also had a torn screen. Noises could be heard coming from the basement area. Numerous announcements were made and no one responded.  A key holder was unavailable. Forced entry was made through the front door, causing damage to the door and door frame. Officers cleared the residence and no one was found. Officers secured all the windows and removed the window coverings. Paul Davis was contacted to secure the front door. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Total Calls for Service: 13

Suspicious Activity-2800blk of E. Van Norman Ave.

At approximately 2:12am Caller reports observing 2 subjects, possibly a male and female enter an unoccupied residence that is for sale on E. Van Norman Ave.  The subjects entered using their cell phone flash lights. She observed the male come out and put something into a white vehicle on the street and then go back inside.  Investigation revealed the male and female were over cleaning up working on the residence.  The female had the pass code from the realtor which was verified.  Officer made contact with the property owner, who confirmed the female does work at the property.  The female was found to have a warrant for Ozaukee County Sheriff for identity theft. The female was transported to the Milwaukee County Jail where she would be picked up by Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Dept.  Report to follow.

Motor Vehicle Accident-E. Howard Ave. / S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 7:27am 911 caller reports a two car accident with no injuries.  Minor damage to both vehicles.  One vehicle slid into another vehicle as they could not stop due to the road conditions.  Report filed.

Disorderly Conduct-2200blk of E. Eden Pl.

At approximately 8:07am Caller reports that he returned to the residence after being released from jail to pick up property his ex-girlfriend had of his.  He was confronted by the ex-girlfriend who refused to let him in the residence and then got into a verbal argument with him. The caller also reports that the ex-girlfriend struck him with a spatula.  Investigation showed the ex-girlfriend had the caller’s property waiting for him outside the door and he insisted she open the door.  When she did he barged his way into the house and an argument ensued.   The caller then took money from a male subject who was a friend of the ex-girlfriend.  When the male subject refused to leave he was hit with a spatula.  No DV criteria.    The money was returned and all parties w/a on actions. 

Theft from Motor Vehicle-2502 of E. Crawford Ave.

At approximately Caller reports that a tool bag, and some power tools were stolen sometime between 5:30pm on 11/8/19 and the time of the call.  Entry was made to caller’s work truck via the side door by removing a paddle lock and drilling the door lock.   No viable suspects at this time.   Report to follow.

Welfare Check-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 6:34pm CUPD advised that they have a squad at the above location with an intoxicated male subject who is no longer wanted there.  Officer reports speaking with a male subject who was highly intoxicated and stated he had nowhere to go.  The male informed the officer that he was in Pick N Save to distract the workers and cause a disturbance, while his sister and her husband stole liquor.  Officer advised Pick N’ Save what he was told and they will advise if anything was stolen after reviewing video surveillance.   Officer transported the 32yr old man to a local hospital for detox purposes. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 20

Wanted Person-4500blk of S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 2:47am while on traffic stop Officer found the driver a 53yr old female to hold a warrant with Greendale Police for operating without insurance. The warrant was confirmed with Greendale PD. The female was unable to post, she signed PR bond on scene and was released.  Greendale PD was advised and signed PR bond sent back.

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 8:05am State Fair Police Dept. advised that they have a male in custody on our warrant for operating after rev/susp of registration.  The 19yr old St. Francis man was unable to post bail.  He signed a PR bond and was released from custody. Warrant cancelled.

Vehicle Complaint-S. Packard Ave. / S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 5:41pm 911 caller reports a work van is all over the road, driving slow, driving on the wrong side of the road.  Officer reports locating the vehicle.   Officer made contact with driver, who stated he had not been drinking.  The driver stated he has bad legs.  The driver provided officers with a number for his boss who stated they will be talking with the driver about his driving. 

Civil Matter-1800blk of E. St. Francis Ave.

At approximately 6:42pm Caller reports that her landlords have entered the apartment without her permission and without advance notice and she would like to talk to an officer.  Officer spoke with the caller and she advised that she came home and found a marker on her kitchen counter that doesn't belong to anyone in her household, believing it was left in her apartment by her downstairs landlord.  Officer spoke to the landlords who denied going into the caller’s apartment or leaving a marker in there.  The landlords were warned and advised on the complaint.  It was later learned that the caller had a warrant, with no bail from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Dept. for a traffic violation.  The caller was taken into custody and transported to the Milwaukee County Jail and turned over to deputies.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 16

Disorderly Conduct-1217 E. Norwich Ave.

At approximately 12:10am 911 transfer caller reports his roommate brought home one of his co-workers and they are causing problems in the apartment. He left the residence and contacted police. Officer reports making contact with the caller who stated he had gotten into a verbal argument with his female roommate and her friend. He stated that her friend wanted him to leave the apartment, but he didn't want to. He stated that the friend then threatened to call additional friends over to help him leave.  Both the female roommate and her friend stated that the caller had made unwanted sexual advances toward his roommate, and had also been texting with a different female.  The roommate wanted the caller to leave the apartment.  He has no keys to the apartment and is not on the lease. The caller was given a ride to his parent’s residence and he was advised to find a time tomorrow to pick up his personal property from the apartment.

Wanted Person-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 9:59am Milwaukee House of Correction stated they have a male subject who holds a valid warrant with our department for theft, $854.80 or sign PR Bond.  The male subject signed PR Bond.  The warrant was cancelled.

Disorderly Conduct-2222 E. St. Francis Ave. (Rails Inn)

At approximately 4:47pm Bartender reports a female is yelling and threatening people.  She would just like her removed from the bar.  Officers made contact with a 48yr old St. Francis woman who was very intoxicated.  Officer conveyed the female to her residence where she became agitated and requested an ambulance for intoxication and mental illness.  While the fire department was transporting, the female became uncooperative with staff and tried getting out of the ambulance because she no longer wanted to go to the hospital.  The female was conveyed back to her residence and will be cited for public intoxication. 

Civil Matter-4021 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (Badger Metal)

At approximately 6:07pm Complainant came to the lobby of the PD and would like to speak to an officer about him not receiving parts he paid for from Badger Metals, and now can’t get into contact with the business.  Officer spoke to the complainant who provided a receipt for two Harley motorcycle rims stated that back in July of 2019, he paid for half the cost the rims, and agreed to pay the final half once he receives his product.  Complainant paid $383, of a $700 transaction but has not been able to reach anyone at the business.   Officer made contact with the owner of the business, who advised he is aware of customers trying to get in contact with the business.  The owner advised to have the complainant call Badger Metals and leave a message in regards to his two Harley motorcycle rims.  The complainant was advised the same. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Total Calls for Service: 19

Motor Vehicle Accident-E. Lunham Ave. / S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 7:30am officers were dispatched to a two car accident in traffic with no injuries.  The accident happened in Cudahy.  The accident was turned over to Cudahy PD.  SFPD assisted.

Civil Matter-4401 S. Kansas Ave.

At approximately 2:13pm an employee would like to report that a former employee stole items.  Prior to officer’s arrival, the ex-employee contacted SFPD that he was en route to return the property, and that it was a misunderstanding.  Officer reports prior to his termination, the ex-employee purchased several tools using the company credit card for different job sites, and had several other company tools in his possession, which need to be returned. The ex-employee arrived and returned all tools he purchased with the company credit card as well as all other company property.  Officer stood by while he signed document agreeing to have a deduction from his final paycheck for a ladder-rack that the company purchased for his vehicle.  No further issues.

Wanted Person-4600blk of 794

At approximately 6:04pm while on traffic stop the driver a 45yr old female from South Milwaukee was found to hold 2 valid warrants with Greendale PD for non-registration of auto and operating without insurance for $262.80 or sign PR bond. The female was unable to post and a PR bond was signed and sent back to Greendale PD.

Motor Vehicle Accident- E. Layton Ave. / S. Nicholson Ave.

At approximately 8:40pm Officer Reports being out with CUPD on a car accident that occurred at the north side of the intersection at Layton/Nicholson.  Investigation shows that unit 1 vehicle was stopped at the red light in the center lane waiting to go s/b on S. Nicholson.  As the light was changing to green, unit 1 rear ended unit 2 causing minor damage.  No injuries were reported.   The driver will be cited for inattentive driving.  Report filed.