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St Francis Police Department Daily Activity Report
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 12

Suspicious Person-3801 S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 4:01am Officer observed a subject in the driveway of a residence possibly checking car doors.  Upon further investigation, a male subject came out from the residence and stated he had just got dropped off and lives there.  No issues.

Disorderly Conduct-4225 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 9:08am Caller from the school district would like to report that yesterday a car pulled up in the parking lot, a juvenile got out and did something inappropriate and then left.  Officer reports that observing on video an unknown male white subject exited a vehicle from the passenger side, approached the front vestibule, pulled down his pants and pressed his bare butt against the glass door.  The subject then ran back to the car and drove away.  The caller wished to have officers identify the subject and the school would then handle the disciplinary action.  All information including the vehicle registration will be forwarded to the School Resource Officer for further follow-up.

Suspicious Activity-2450 E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 11:33am 911 transfer caller reports that there is a subject standing in front of Hardees with a mirror shining it at drivers. The subject is described as a large male black with a black jacket and black hat.  Officer reports locating the subject who was celebrating some religious belief regarding the sun which was giving off a special solar flare today.  The subject denied purposely blinding drivers.  The subject was sent on his way with his uncle, who had been shopping at Pick n Save.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Total Calls for Service:  13

FI Stop-E. Norwich Ave. / S. Kingan Ave.

At approximately 1:08am Officer conducted an FI stop on a vehicle he observed circle the block twice.  The driver stated he had just gotten home and moved his other vehicle out onto the street and was warming up the vehicle he was currently in.  He stated he was staying with a friend at the apartment building where his other vehicle was parked.  No issues.

Wanted Person-4500blk S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 2:34am while on traffic stop the Officer found the driver to hold a warrant with Waukesha County Sheriff for Operating after suspension, for $373 or serve 6 days.  Warrant was confirmed.  The driver posted $373 at SFPD.   Waukesha County Sheriff was advised and cancelled the warrant.  The man was released from custody.  Report to follow.

Suspicious Vehicle-2100blk of E. Tripoli Ave.

At approximately 5:58am Caller reports when he left house approximately 4min ago, he noticed a maroon Altima with tinted windows sitting in front of his house with the lights on.  Caller stated the vehicle has been parked there for over 30min.  Officer reports locating a subject sleeping in the vehicle. The subject stated he had dropped off his friend earlier who lives across the street.  The subject who told officers he had a handgun in the vehicle when asked if he had any weapons on him.  A handgun was located in the vehicle.  The subject was placed under arrest for not having a CCW.  A large amount of cash, a scale and several small bindles of a white power substance were also found in the vehicle.  The subject was transported back to SFPD and then later transported to the Milwaukee County Jail for possession of drugs and not having a CCW permit.   The vehicle was towed.  Report to follow.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Total Calls for Service:  15

Suspicious Activity-3500blk of S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

At approximately 3:40am Officer Reports observing four, younger male subjects riding bicycles on the sidewalk s/b in the 3500B of Kinnickinnic Ave.  The subjects turned W/B onto St Francis Ave.  Officer attempted to follow the subjects to talk to them to see if they were at least 18yr old, but lost them after they turned onto St Francis Ave. Officers checked the area extensively and were unable to locate the juveniles.

Attempted Vehicle Entry-3500blk of S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 5:08am Caller reports a suspicious vehicle and two male blacks attempting to break into vehicles at 3505 S Ellen.   When the two subjects saw the caller they jumped into a SUV possibly a black Nissan Rogue and left the area.  The caller reports following the vehicle to an alley behind PNC bank.  Officers report they checked the area and did not locate the suspects or vehicle.  Milwaukee PD notified.

Disorderly Conduct-3100 E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 11:27am Caller requested to speak to an officer regarding an assault that she said took place the night before involving an Uber Driver.  Officer spoke with the caller, who stated she ordered an Uber to go to a date.   She stated that the driver was not following the directions on his phone.  She stated she tried to tell him which way to go and he got angry, pulled into the Value Village parking lot and forcefully pulled her out of the vehicle and then left.  She stated she only wished to have the incident documented and extra patrols of her house as she is afraid he will return to her residence.  Cudahy PD was also advised.

Noise Complaint-2828 E. Bolivar Ave.

At approximately 12:50pm Anonymous caller reports a woman in the apartment is singing and yelling loud.  Officer spoke with the resident who was singing Christian music in the basement as she did her laundry.  She was warned and advised on the complaint.

Suspicious Activity-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 7:53pm Employee of Pick N’ Save reports receiving multiple reports of two subjects on bicycles trying to open car doors in the lot. Officers made contact with the two juveniles who stated they were at the Mobile gas station on Layton & Pennsylvania to buy chips but were five cents short. They went to the Pick N Save parking lot to ask people for money. Officers checked the Pick N Save parking lot and it appeared no vehicles were entered. The two juveniles were advised not to panhandle and were sent home. Officers attempted phone contact with their mother but were unable to. Contact was made at their residence with their older brother who was advised of the incident. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Total Calls for Service:  31

State Traffic Arrest-3200blk E. Van Norman Ave.

At approximately 1:10am while on a traffic stop, Officer found the driver to be revoked due to a prior OWI.  Officer issued the Cudahy man a state citation for OAR.  Report to follow.

Vehicle Pursuit-3500blk S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 4:38am Officer Observed subjects attempting to break into vehicles. The vehicle fled from Officer as he approached them in his squad car. The vehicle fled N/B on S. Kinnickinnic Ave. Then headed w/b on Oklahoma from KK. It struck a vehicle and a traffic signal at Oklahoma and Pine. The 3 male black occupants fled from the vehicle.  All were wearing hoodies, one of them red.   The vehicle ignition appeared to have been tampered with. Milwaukee Fire and Police responded.  CUPD responded for a K9 track. Milwaukee PD made contact with the registered vehicle owner and they were advised it had been stolen. The vehicle was processed and towed by Milwaukee PD.  Report to follow.

Vehicle Complaint-2601 E. Morgan Ave.

At approximately 8:06am Caller reported that while she was walking through the east lot of Thomas More High School a vehicle sped toward her and then started doing donuts in the lot. The vehicle was a gold Mercury, driven by a male with a dark hoodie pulled up.  Officers checked the area for the vehicle and were unable to locate it. Security Video from the school shows a silver Mercury Grand Marquis traveling south through the lot past the complainant.  No donuts or reckless driving were captured on video.    

Family Trouble-4565 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 10:28am 911 caller reported her mother slapped her and choked her because she did not do her chores. Investigation showed incident started over the caller not doing chores and then retrieving her phone, which was taken away as punishment, from her mother's room while she was busy doing something.  According to the mother the slap was a form of physical discipline due to her daughter disrespecting her.  No choking had occurred, the caller stated her mother had pushed her away from her.

Retail Theft-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 2:14pm Caller from Pick N’ Save reports a female subject left the store in a green Dodge Dakota, unknown direction with multiple items. The store believes they recovered all of the items (steak and shrimp).  A wallet was left in the cart she was using.  Further follow-up to be conducted with the owner of the wallet.  Report to follow.

Disorderly Conduct-3400 E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 4:54pm Complainant came to the PD lobby to report her ex-husband was stalking her while she was driving through our city last night. Officer reports that the complainant is going through a divorce with her soon to be ex-husband. He has shown up to her work, residence and has placed a tracking device on her vehicle in the past.  She reports that she was traveling home and was on I-794 when she saw her ex-husband behind her. He was in his vehicle flashing his high beam headlights and cut her off in traffic. She wanted him advised to leave her alone and to not have any contact with her. Contact was made with the husband who claimed it was a coincidence that he was on the freeway with her. He was in the area because he was picking up his mother for dinner. He was advised to leave his wife alone.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Total Calls for Service:  17

Suspicious Activity-4565 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 1:12pm while Officer was following up on another call Officer reports observing 2 males running from the parking lot.  The subjects appeared to be 2 male whites one wearing a dark hoodie and the other wearing a gray jacket.  Last seen W/B in the 4500B of S. Whitnall Ave. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate the subjects.  Everything appeared in order in the immediate area.

Suspicious Activity-4155 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 11:32am Caller wished to report suspicious activity being done by her neighbor be documented.  She stated he is a new tenant and she believes he sits in his car in the lot to purposely to look into her apartment.  She stated when she was doing laundry one day he seemed to follow her to the laundry room several times and made comments that made her feel uncomfortable.   She stated his behavior made her feel unsafe.  She stated she made management aware of the comments.  She was given restraining order info and requested no contact be made with the male subject at this time.     

Vehicle Complaint-3200blk E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 6:50pm Officer reports he was advised of a vehicle violation at the above location.  Subject came to SFPD to report a vehicle complaint of a vehicle traveling E/B in the W/B lanes of Howard Ave.  He advised the vehicle was parked in front of a residence on S. Alexander.  Officers made contact with the registered owner who advised she was tired and not familiar with the area.  No signs of impairment.  Driver was W/A on the complaint.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Total Calls for Service:  12

Suspicious Activity-4000 S. Kingan Ave.

At approximately 6:37am Caller (anonymous) reports his tire was punctured in the side wall while it was parked in the lot overnight.  The caller had already left for work and didn't want anything else done, just wanted officers to be aware so the lot could be checked for similar incidents. He reported another tire was punctured a few weeks ago when vehicles were also rummaged through.  Officer checked the area and did not locate anything out of the ordinary. 

Civil Matter-3900blk S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 3:05pm Caller reports he was kicked out of his house and wants to go back to get some property.  Officer met with the caller.   He advised that he got into a disagreement with his father and he is no longer allowed to stay at the house.  The caller stated that he wants to retrieve his belongings, and estimated that he had 3-4 boxes and 2 more garbage bags worth of items yet to retrieve, on top of the 2 garbage bags he already had in his possession.  While speaking with the caller it was brought to his attention that he has no means of transportation and no other person(s) to assist him with moving.  He agreed that it would probably be a more ideal situation to retrieve his belongings when such accommodations are made.  

Motor Vehicle Accident- E. Layton Ave. / S. Ahmedi Ave.

At approximately 6:40pm 911 caller reports he was involved in an accident at the above location. Officer reports that there was a road rage incident where two vehicles pulled into the median at Layton and Ahmedi Ave’s.  When the subject from the first vehicle exited, the second vehicle sped off and scraped the rear of the first vehicle. Neither party wanted cites issued and were given case number information. Accident report to follow. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 19

Motor Vehicle Accident-E. Layton Ave. @ S. Kansas Ave.

At approximately 2:35 p.m., SFPD was notified of a 2 car accident at the above location. The involved drivers were an 18 year old St. Francis woman and a 42 year old Nevada man. The woman was cited for failure to keep vehicle under control. Accident report filed.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Total Calls for Service: 23

Operate While Intoxicated-3400 block E. Howard Ave.

At approximately 12:58 a.m., a citizen called police to report observing a vehicle parked in the middle of the street blasting music. The driver exited the vehicle, approached the caller’s Christmas decoration, and then re-entered the vehicle last seen northbound on S. Lipton Ave. towards E. Howard Ave. Officer located the vehicle at the above location.  The driver, a 32 year old Milwaukee man, was outside his vehicle in the middle of the road, blaring music, and dancing in the street. The man was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for his 1st offense OWI after refusing to perform standardized field sobriety tests. The man was conveyed to SFPD where he refused to submit a breath sample. He was booked, cited, and released to a responsible party. Report filed.

Operate While Intoxicated-2100 block E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 2:18 a.m., officers responded to the above location for a one car accident (car vs. traffic standard). The driver, a 41 year old Waukesha man, was arrested for his 1st offense OWI after admitting to consuming alcoholic beverages. The driver and his passenger were conveyed to an area hospital for minor injuries. The driver consented to an evidentiary blood draw to determine his BAC. Those results are pending. Report and Accident report filed.

Wanted Person-3775 E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 12:15 p.m., officers responded to the above location to check for a male who was wanted by the Waukesha Police Department for substantial battery. The 28 year old St. Francis man was located inside his apartment. He was taken into custody without incident and turned over to Waukesha PD. Report filed.

Found Property-4000 block S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 1:20 p.m., a citizen came to SFPD to report her purse (containing her cell phone) was stolen from a bar in South Milwaukee the night prior. Her cell phone was pinging to the above area and requested assistance with locating her cell phone. Officers responded and the cell phone was located in the gutter in front of 4074 S. Packard Ave. The citizen was advised to contact South Milwaukee PD.

Fraud-Pick n Save 4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 2:04 p.m., an employee called police to report fraudulent activity. Officer learned that unknown person(s) used a Racine woman’s debit card to purchase two money orders at Pick n Save. The victim, who is on vacation in South Carolina, noticed the fraudulent charges and called Pick n Save. Officer followed up with the victim via telephone who stated her debit card was also used to purchase an Uber ride in San Francisco about the same time as the fraudulent purchase at Pick n Save. The victim cancelled her credit/debit cards. Report filed.