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Civic Center

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Civic Center Capital Project

The City of St. Francis has entered into a large building project that was started back in 2010. The City has broken ground on the Civic Center which will be located at 3400 E Howard Avenue and will be the future home of the Police, Fire, City Administrative Services, and the St. Francis Historical Society. The City created and implemented a debt strategy of using cost savings from operating expenses from 2011, 2012 and 2013 balance with 8.5 million dollar debt issuance (Bond) to construct the new Civic Center.   The strategy was to levy an additional $60/average house hold in the City for the new building. The other cost of the debt is to come from cost saving in operational cost.

The city of St. Francis City Hall was constructed in the 1950's. The building was constructed shortly after the City was incorporated from the Town of Lake. It was a major step in becoming a City. Over the course of time, as the city grew the building was expanded. The only addition was in the late 1970's-early 80's when the front of the building was expanded toward S. Nicholson Avenue and additional garage space was added for both Police and Fire. Normal business operations have changed over the last 60 years as well as the needs of our community. After working with Bray on the City's needs analysis the City Council took action to move forward with the Civic Center project in late 2012. Financing was secured for a new 45,000 square foot building that will house Police, Fire, City Administrative Services and on display in the atrium- the St. Francis Historical Society.

The Project Budget  is an estimated overall project budget for the building.  While the majority of the expenditures are lumped in the bidding process of the building, some soft costs are still estimates as the City is doing those projects seperate from the General Contractor.

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