Police Daily Activity Report

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 21

Suspicious Activity-3627 S Kinnickinnic Ave

At approximately 11:59 a.m., a citizen called police to report observing a red Jeep with three people inside wearing ski masks. They were last seen southbound on S. Kinnickinnic Ave. from the parking lot. The citizen thought this was suspicious. Officers responded, checked the surrounding area, and were unable to locate the vehicle.

Trespassing-2300 block E St Francis Ave

At approximately 12:01 p.m., a citizen called 911 reporting her ex-boyfriend was inside her residence with another male and he should not be there. The male, a 36-year-old Milwaukee man, was wanted by the Department of Corrections and was also wanted by SFPD regarding a domestic violence incident the night prior. Officers responded to the residence and no one answered. The man was arrested later in the evening by the Milwaukee Police Department and conveyed to the Milwaukee County Jail.

Disorderly Conduct-Pick n Save 4698 S Whitnall Ave

At approximately 5:07 p.m., a citizen called 911 reporting a woman was following him around the parking lot accusing him of striking her vehicle. Officers responded and spoke with the complainant and a 62-year-old Cudahy woman. Investigation revealed the complainant was backing in the parking lot to leave when the woman claimed that he struck her vehicle. The complainant denied striking her vehicle and an argument ensued. Officers inspected both vehicles and it appeared there was no damage to either vehicle to substantiate the woman’s claim. Incident documented for information only.

Noise Complaint-Neighborhood Bar 4607 S Whitnall Ave

At approximately 8:35 p.m., a citizen called police to report “excessively loud music” coming from the above location. Officer responded and spoke with the bar staff. They were warned and advised regarding the complaint.

Operating while Intoxicated-3900 block S Clement Ave

At approximately 9:50 p.m., multiple 911 callers reported a vehicle traveling northbound at the above location striking vehicles. Officers responded and learned a 31-year-old Milwaukee man struck a vehicle at the intersection of S. Whitnall Ave @ S. Clement Ave. and then proceeded northbound on S. Clement Ave. where it struck another vehicle and that vehicle in turn struck another vehicle. The man admitted he was “drunk.” He was subsequently arrested for OWI (1st) and conveyed to an area hospital where an evidentiary blood draw was performed to determine the man’s BAC. Those results are pending. Report filed.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 33

Harassment-3120 E Norwich Ave

At approximately 6:51 a.m., a citizen called police to report being harassed by a maintenance worker. Officer responded and learned a maintenance worker by the name of “Pete” was allegedly banging on the complainant’s door this morning to harass him. Officer learned there was no worker named Pete and based upon past complaints from this citizen it appeared this complaint was baseless.

Burglary-3660 E Denton Ave

At approximately 10 a.m., an employee called police to report a burglary had occurred at the building adjacent to their building. Officers responded and learned that sometime over the past weekend unknown person(s) entered the building and stole items without consent. Officer to conduct additional follow up. Report filed.

Family Trouble-3900 block S Pennsylvania Ave

At approximately 12:21 p.m., a citizen called police to report having issues with her adult son. Officers responded and learned the son, a 39-year-old St. Francis man, had been verbally abusive towards his mother and allegedly threw water at her. Officers spoke with the son who denied the allegations. The son agreed to separate from his mother and left the residence. He was warned and advised regarding the domestic violence laws in the state of Wisconsin.

Welfare Check-3627 S Kinnickinnic Ave

At approximately 12:34 p.m., a citizen called 911 reporting she thought “something was wrong with the building.” Dispatch then spoke with the mother of the caller who stated her daughter was having a panic episode. Officers responded and spoke with the 30-year-old St. Francis woman who was reassured the noises she heard were most likely from the rain storm. Officers offered the woman services which she declined.

Wanted Person-3900 block S Kinnickinnic Ave

At approximately 1:30 p.m., an officer reported checking on a possible disabled vehicle. The driver, a 43-year-old Milwaukee woman, was found to hold a valid body only traffic warrant with the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department. The woman was taken into custody and conveyed to the Milwaukee County Jail. Report filed.

Theft-2500 E Howard Ave

At approximately 2:52 p.m., a citizen called police to report a theft of jewelry. Officer responded and learned that sometime between 8:15 a.m. and 1 p.m. unknown person(s) entered his mother’s apartment and stole jewelry. Officer to conduct additional follow up. Report filed.

Retail Theft-Harbor Freight Tools 4698 S Whitnall Ave

At approximately 5:25 p.m., an employee called police to report a delayed retail theft. Officer responded and learned that at 2:20 p.m., an unknown male stole a cart full of merchandise valued at $500. He was last seen pushing the cart northbound on S Pennsylvania Ave. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male, 5’8”, medium build, wearing a black jacket, black backpack, and brown boots. Report filed.

Domestic Violence-2300 block E St Francis Ave

At approximately 8:42 p.m., a citizen called police to report a male was cursing at him and won’t allow him to leave. Officers responded and the male, a 36-year-old St. Francis man, had left prior to officer’s arrival. It was learned the male had been involved in a domestic violence incident earlier in the day with his girlfriend. Officers were able to make telephone contact with the male who stated he was unable to come to the police department to give a statement. Probation & Parole was contacted who then entered a felony warrant for his arrest. This case will be present to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for review. Report filed.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Welfare Check-3500blk S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 1:18 am 911 caller request a welfare on an autistic male who is walking on foot and seems lost.  Officer reports making contact with the subject who was autistic, had no identification and was non-verbal.  Eventually the subject was able to write his name down, and lived in the City of Milwaukee.  The 23 year old man was later transported to his address in the City of Milwaukee and was turned over to family. 

Criminal Damage to Property-2700blk E. Norwich Ave.

At approximately 2:14 pm Caller says that a truck was damaged on his property. It looks like kids were throwing rocks from the train tracks which are next to his property.  The caller believes it may have occurred between 5/18/2412:00pm and time of call.  Officer reports the vehicle had substantial damage to the windshield and body.  Report filed.

Welfare Check-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 3:33 pm Caller reported a vehicle was driving 5mph down Whitnall Ave. then turned into Whitnall Square parking lot and the driver went into Pick N’ Save.  Officer made contact with the driver in the store who stated she had a friend following her to Pick n Save and she didn't want her friend to get lost. Officer stated there were no signs of impairment and the female seemed fine.  She was advised of the complaint.

Animal Complaint-2200blk E. St. Francis Ave.

At approximately 6:44 pm Caller reports a male subject at the duplex across the street just shot a rabbit.  Officer reports making contact with the subject at his residence.  The man stated he shot the rabbit with a BB gun so it wouldn't harm his flowers/plants.  Officers located the deceased rabbit and disposed of it. The caller also reported that she has seen the man shoot pigeons on prior occasions.  The man denied this.  The man was cited for shooting projectiles in the city. 

Disorderly Conduct-2600 E. Bolivar Ave. (Willow Glen School)

At approximately 7:58 pm 911 caller reporting a lighter skin black male who was in a group, urinated in public.  Officer reports making contact with a group playing basketball.  None of the subjects reported seeing anyone urinate.  None of the subjects matched the description provided by the caller.  Officers unable to locate the subject.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Operating Motor Vehicle Intoxicated-3500blk E. Tesch Ave.

At approximately 2:49 am Officer was informed that a silver vehicle hit a dumpster at 3552 E Howard Ave, then left the scene.  Officer reports locating the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  The driver admitted to hitting the dumpster but said there was no damage. Damage was observed the rear driver's side of the bumper and brake light. Officer smelled the odor of intoxicants emanating from the vehicle and observed the driver to have glossy eyes. The driver admitted to drinking.  The driver conducted SFST's poorly. The driver submitted to a breath test which she was twice the legal limit. The 29 year old St. Francis woman was arrested, booked and cited for OWI-1st and Prohibited Alcohol Concentration-1st.  Report filed.

State Traffic Arrest-3900blk 794

At approximately 1:31 pm Officer conducted traffic stop.  The driver was OAR (State) and also had a child support warrant with Waukesha County for $1660.  Franklin K-9 was called for a walk around of the vehicle.  K-9 had positive alert.  The vehicle was searched and nothing was found. The 43 year old Milwaukee man was arrested and booked for operating after revocation and ignition interlock device offenses. The driver was released after his bail was posted at SFPD.  Charges to be referred to DA's Office.  Report filed.

Vehicle Complaint-E. Howard Ave. / S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 9:35 pm Citizen reports there were several vehicles that were just in the area squealing their tires. Officers checked the area and did not locate the vehicles.

Domestic Incident-3100blk E. Koenig Ave.

At approximately 11:17 pm complainant came to the PD reporting a domestic incident that occurred at her boyfriend’s residence in St. Francis.  The female reports that during a verbal altercation in the yard of the residence, the boyfriend slapped her with an open hand causing pain and a leaving a small scratch on her forehead.  She stated she defended herself by pushing and hitting him back.  Officer reports speaking to the boyfriend briefly over the phone, he stated he slapped his girlfriend because she hit him with her car keys.  The boyfriend would not answer the door and refused to come to the police department to speak to officers. A temporary misdemeanor warrant for DV-DC and DV-Battery was entered for the boyfriend.  Case to be referred to the DA’s Office for review.  Report filed.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Criminal Damage to Property-3755 E. Denton Ave.

Approximately 7:35 am Caller reporting someone tried to break into her apartment overnight. Officer reports the screen fell out and no sights of entry was observed. Officer assisted the caller and put her screen put back into place and she was happy with the outcome.

Animal Complaint-2600blk E. Denton Ave.

At approximately 9:28 am Caller reports she is trying to leave the home to take her dog to the vet, and her neighbors’ dogs are hanging out the window and lunging at her.  Officer reports that two dogs were hanging out of the window and barking excessively loud and constantly.  Officer assisted the caller by backing her vehicle up the driveway to safely load her dog into the vehicle.  Phone contact was made with the tenant who stated that she would contact her boyfriend to close the window.  She was w/a on the complaint.

Vehicle Complaint-3500blk S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

At approximately 10:31 am Caller reports a black sedan is driving north on Kinnickinnic Ave. on a completely flat tire. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate any vehicles matching the description. 

Motor Vehicle Accident-4561 S. Whitnall Ave. (Ridgeview Apts.)

At approximately 11:47 am Employee reports a male in a black vehicle drove into the lot and hit 2 unoccupied vehicles.  No injuries and the striking vehicle is still on scene. Officer reports locating the suspect vehicle unoccupied and attempted contact at the apartment with no answer.  Contact was eventually made with the driver of the striking vehicle who admitted to striking both of the vehicles but did not make contact with anyone because he was in a hurry. The driver will be cited for two hit and runs.  Report filed.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 16

Theft-3400blk-Sivyer Ave.

At approximately 9:28 am Caller reports his snow blower was stolen.  Officer spoke with the complainant who showed a video of a male subject entering his unlocked shed and taking the snow blower at 11:15 pm on 5/14/24.  Surveillance shows the subject was not parked on Sivyer but may have come from the south through the field.  A canvas was conducted in the area with negative results.  

Possession of Drugs-3680 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (Deer Creek School)

At approximately 12:56 pm Principal believes they have a student using a THC vape in school. Officer reports the student was in possession of a lighter and a small end of a roach, which contained Marijuana. Principle advised no vape was located and the student was cooperative. The school will handle the punishment and the student’s parent was contacted. 

Juvenile Complaint-3356 E. Lunham Ave.

At approximately 4:45 pm Caller who is the Vice Principle reports two subjects came into the school trying to start a fight with another group.  He believes they are going to Greene Park.  Officer reports an ex-student entered the building through an open door to the school.  The ex-student was accompanied by another unknown subject. The student was attempting to start a fight with a current student because she was talking to her ex-boyfriend. The principal escorted the ex-student out of the building and she left without incident. The Vice principal wished to have the ex-student cited for trespassing.  Contact made with her mother, who did not know her daughter was in St. Francis.  Officer to follow up with staff.  

Disorderly Conduct-4225 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 5:29 pm CUPD advised a 911 caller reported a fight.  Investigation showed about 45 mins after students cleared the school that they all met up at Swift and Bottsford Ave. in Cudahy to fight.  SFHS Vice Principle was the one who located the fight on his way home and brought the student back.   Incident was turned over to CUPD.  

Juvenile Complaint-3356 E. Lunham Ave.

At approximately 7:11 pm Complainant came to the PD and is reporting at Greene Park two subjects threatened her son and that last week her son was pushed by another student.  The student reported that he is getting bullied by multiple subjects at school.  He stated today the student was harassing him at Greene Park while he was playing basketball.  The student stated the other student also pushed him at school earlier in the week and he is upset that school staff wasn't taking him seriously.  The student just wanted the other student to be told to leave him alone. Officer to follow up with school staff to identify the subject. 

Domestic Incident-4400blk S. Vermont Ave.

At approximately 9:39 pm Caller reporting her brother and his wife are verbally fighting.  Investigation showed the wife was upset that her husband was cleaning when he should've been resting due to medical issues.  The wife threw a container and punched her husband multiple times in the face and arm because she was frustrated. The husband had redness on his arm denied medical. While taking the 80 year old St. Francis woman into custody she fainted and was checked on by SFFD at the PD.  She was taken to a local hospital and was released when her bail was paid. She will be ordered in on a DC/DV charge. The case to be reviewed by the DA’s Office.  Report filed.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 20

Field Interrogation-2800 block E Layton Ave

At approximately 1:53 a.m., an officer on patrol came upon a 45-year-old Cudahy man who was sleeping in a shed at the above location. The man told officers he was currently homeless. The man was warned and advised regarding trespassing and sent on his way.

Family Trouble-4100 block S Kingan Ave

At approximately 2:24 p.m., a citizen called police to report her juvenile grandson was yelling and threatening family members. Officers responded and learned that an argument had ensued between the juvenile and his mother. Officers were able to mediate the situation.

Suspicious Activity-Pick n Save 4698 S Whitnall Ave

At approximately 7:08 p.m., an employee called police to report another employee was chasing a male from the store who was accused of stealing liquor. Officers responded and located the male, a 30-year-old Cudahy man, walking by Dairy Queen. The male denied stealing anything from the store and consented to a search of his person with nothing being located. He was advised of the complaint and sent on his way.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 27

Family Trouble-3627 S Kinnickinnic Ave

At approximately 6:56 a.m., a citizen called police to report her mother was being aggressive towards her. Officers responded and learned a verbal argument took place between the complainant and her mother over living arrangements. Both parties were counseled.

Drug Possession-3100 block E Layton Ave

At approximately 11:06 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Upon making contact with the driver, the officer detected the odor of marijuana. The vehicle was searched and the officer located a bag of suspected marijuana. The driver, a 19-year-old Milwaukee man, was arrested for Possession of Marijuana and felony bail jumping. He was subsequently transported to the Milwaukee County Jail. Report filed.

Family Trouble-2600 block E Bolivar Ave

At approximately 5:03 p.m., a juvenile called police reporting his father had strangled him. Officers responded and learned an argument took place between the juvenile and his father over household chores. The father denied any physical altercation and there was no evidence to support a physical altercation. The juvenile packed some clothing and left with his mother for the evening.