Police Daily Activity Report

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 32

Field Interrogation-Petco 4698 S Whitnall Ave

At approximately 2:08 a.m., an officer on patrol came upon an occupied vehicle parked behind the closed business. Officer spoke with a 31-year-old Indiana woman and a 36-year-old Milwaukee man who stated they were napping before driving back to Indiana. They were advised regarding being parked on private property and sent on their way.

Suspicious Activity-3500 block E Plainfield Ave

At approximately 2:21 p.m., a citizen called police to report a person was going door to door soliciting for pest removal. Officer responded, checked the area, and did not locate anyone.

Suspicious Activity-4200 S Lake Drive

At approximately 7:01 p.m., a citizen called police to report observing two males in the parking lot looking at vehicles. The citizen felt this was suspicious. Officer responded and learned the man was looking to purchase a vehicle and the owner was on scene. Officer cleared.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 17

Suspicious Activity-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 1:48 pm Anonymous caller reporting a male and female who were smoking marijuana in a black Chevy Equinox parked near Pick N’ Save.  Officer located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop for equipment violation after it pulled away. A search was conducted of the vehicle with nothing located.  Both were warned and advised on complaint.

Disorderly Conduct-2801 E. Morgan Ave.

At approximately 5:24 pm Complainant came to the PD wanting to speak to an officer regarding a disgruntled co-worker. Officer made contact with the complainant who stated an ex-coworker, quit today and while leaving the business pointed at her and threatened her.  The complainant wanted the co-worker advised to leave her alone and did not want to be threatened anymore. Phone contact was made with the co-worker who denied threatening her.  Both parties were advised to have no further contact with each other, both parties understood.   

Welfare Check-794/ E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 8:23 pm While on a traffic stop, Officer reports a citizen stopped to advise there were two kids about 7 years old that were sitting on the wall on 794 by Layton Ave. waving at cars.  Officers checked the area and did not locate any kids in the area.

Restraining Order Violation-4048 S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 10:24 pm caller reports her daughter who is currently at a healthcare facility has a restraining order against a known male subject.  He is contacting a minor child to tell her that he misses her. This is a violation of his restraining order. The complainant wanted this incident documented and wanted him to be given a formal warning not to attempt further contact with her daughter through their children. Phone contact was made with the male party who stated he did not do this and would never violate his restraining order. He was advised on the third-party contact part of his restraining order, he stated he understood. The complainant was advised of the conversation with the male subject and was satisfied. 

Monday, July 15, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 28

Stolen Vehicle3700blk S, Bombay Ave.

At approximately 12:20 am Caller reports car in the alley with open doors. Officer reports locating the vehicle behind a residence unoccupied with the steering column damaged. Officers canvased the area and no suspects were located. Officer responded to the registered owners address in Milwaukee and made contact with the registered owner who advised the vehicle was towed to St. Francis Auto Repair on Kinnickinnic Ave. as it had been stolen a few months ago. The registered owner advised the vehicle was not stolen from the residence; it was stolen from the repair shop.  Follow up to be conducted at St. Francis Auto Repair. Vehicle towed to SFPD for processing. Time of theft possibly prior to10:30pm on 07/14.  Report to follow.

Criminal Damage to Property-3200 E. Waterford Ave.

At approximately 5:51 am Caller reports back window broken and steering column messed with the vehicle in driveway. No cameras in the area. Nothing was heard or seen. Vehicle was parked at 6pm; sometime between 6pm and the time of call, the passenger rear window was broken and steering column was damaged. Report to follow.

Criminal Damage to Property-3200blk E. Thompson Ave.

At approximately 6:16 am Officer reports out at the above location with a vehicle with a broken-out window. While completing a canvas from another call a silver Kia with a broken window was located. Officer made contact with the vehicle owner.  Damage occurred sometime between 1030pm on 07/14/2024 and time of call.  The passenger side window was broken and steering column was broken. Home owner has a camera but it did not pick up any movement last night. Report to follow.

Disorderly Conduct-4567 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 12:07 pm Caller reports his 19 year old daughter just arrived at his house, and she is taking items from him and throwing things in the hallway. He hasn't seen her in weeks and she doesn't live there. Another 911 Caller reports his girlfriend’s dad is not letting her out of the apartment and she no longer lives there. Officer reports the father and daughter got into a verbal fight after the daughter was removing property from the residence that was not hers. Parties advised the property was a civil matter and W/A on DV Laws.

Family Trouble-4200blk S. Rutland Ave.

At approximately 12:12 pm Caller reporting her male friend is threatening to have the police kill him to remove him from the house. Investigation showed the caller and friend were involved in a minor argument because the caller had previously looked through his phone at his text messages and he was upset with that and decided to do the same. The caller told the man to get out and he refused saying he had a right to be there as he doesn't have to be out until 7/26 as they had previously agreed. The caller left and went to a relative’s house. The man left to go to Dr. Appt.  Prior to him leaving, he was w/a that causing an argument/disturbance is DC and to leave the caller alone.   

Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated-S. Whitnall Ave. / S. Pennsylvania Ave.

At approximately 1:08 pm 911 caller reporting a two-car accident. Unit #1 was delivering food and disregarded the red light northbound on Pennsylvania Ave. at Whitnall Ave. and was struck by another vehicle with a green light. Injuries sustained to victim driver. The driver of the vehicle that was at fault smelled of marijuana and admitted to smoking prior to the accident.  A handgun was also located in the vehicle.  The subject did not have a CCW permit. The man was arrested for OWI 1st causing injury and CCW. The man was arrested, booked and to be ordered in to DA’s Office as the case will be reviewed for charges.  Report filed.

Stolen Vehicle-3200blk S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 5:25 pm Caller reports his vehicle was stolen at the above location. The vehicle is a 2021 green Dodge Durango RT. Officer reports around 4:00pm.  The vehicle was parked and the driver went down to the beach. Around time of call, the caller showed up and could not find the vehicle. Broken tinted glass located where the vehicle was park and tire tracks showed the vehicle left northbound. Vehicle was taken without keys, and only rear license plate. Vehicle had black rims, tinted windows and a Van Horn dealership license plate holder. The caller/owner wished to pursue charges.  Report filed.

Assist the Fire Department-4300blk S. Nicholson Ave. 

At approximately 9:43 pm We Energies reports a gas worker responding to a gas leak.  Requesting access.  SFFD and Officer dispatched. Gas was detected in one of the apartments.  FD ventilated the area. No issues. 

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 19

Disorderly Conduct-4500blk S. Nicholson Ave.

At approximately 1:13 pm 911 caller requesting police, unknown why. Second 911 caller reporting an upstairs neighbor entered her residence and pushed her. Officers arrived parties were separated. Investigation showed there have been ongoing issues between upper and lower units, particularly over parking issues. Today during one of those arguments the one tenant entered the other tenant’s apartment and started shoving her causing her to hit her head on the fridge, prior to another subject breaking up the altercation. The male tenant admitted to entering the other tenant’s residence, but denied the altercation, advising he couldn't because she pulled a knife on him. The female did not want the male arrested, but did want the parking issue to be resolved. Officers assisted with mediating the parking issue.

Family Trouble-4561 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 1:14 pm 911 caller reporting the mother of his child has a warrant and just pulled a gun on him. He left the residence. Once officers arrived on scene, caller could not be located. The caller was eventually located and refused to give a statement but stated the mother of his child and her friends threatened him with a firearm when he dropped off his kids. He stated his children were at the apartment where he dropped them off. Officers made contact with the female who stated the caller had been borrowing her vehicle, so when he dropped of his children, she could babysit, she took her keys back. The female stated no one had a firearm and no physical altercation occurred. She also stated he has been arrested for making similar false 911 calls in Milwaukee, however this could not be confirmed. All children were found to be fine.

Welfare Check-3048 E. Layton Ave. (Dollar General)

At approximately 5:51 pm Caller reporting a female passed out on the ground outside Dollar General, the subject is breathing. SFFD and officers dispatched. Officer reports the female was intoxicated. The fire Dept. transported her to local hospital.

Theft-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Planet Fitness)

At approximately 6:45 pm Caller reporting his gym locker lock was cut off and his property was taken (cash from wallet).  Officer reports a male entered the gym and stayed for approximately 5 minutes. While in the gym, he went briefly into the bathroom/locker room then left the business. The male then went to the Planet Fitness in Bayview immediately after. Believed to be using false information. Cash was the only thing stolen. Report to follow.

Assist the Fire Department-3749 S. Packard Ave.

At approximately 8:22 pm Caller reporting a woman who is highly intoxicated. Officer reports nobody was on scene upon arrival. Caller reported they were partying in one of the garages when a female defecated in the laundry room and walked off with no pants. Contact made with the female in her apartment. She was intoxicated and unaware she defecated. She denied transport and had a relative to watch her for the night. Management did not want anything done about the feces in the laundry room and stated they would clean it up.  

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 20

Mutual Aid-3600blk E. Pulaski Ave.

At approximately 12:52 am CUPD requesting a squad to assist with a domestic incident. SFPD squad was no longer needed once they arrived.

Operating Motor vehicle while Intoxicated-S. Kinnickinnick Ave. / E. Ellen Ave.

At approximately 1:14 am Officer reports out with an occupied vehicle at the above location. The driver appeared to be sleeping. Officer made contact with the driver who showed signs of impairment. There were also open intoxicants in the vehicle. Due to language barrier MPD was called to scene to translate. The man consented to SFST's which were performed poorly. He was arrested for OWI 1st offense.  The vehicle was towed.  The driver consented to a breath test. Intox results showed the man to have a BAC of 0.19g/210L.  The driver was Issued citations for OWI-1st and Prohibited Alcohol Concentration.  Report to follow.

Suspicious Activity-3719 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (Associated Bank)

At approximately 8:43 am Employee reports a male is standing at the rear employee door, and they will not attempt to go into the business until he leaves that door. Officers made contact with the male subject who was waiting for the bank to open. The man was found to have 9 warrants with Waukesha PD. The man was taken into custody and later conveyed to Milwaukee County Jail on their warrants. 

Fireworks complaint-3500blk E. Ellen St.

At approximately 7:55 pm Anonymous caller reporting fireworks are being let off in the 3500 block of S Ellen St on the east side. Officer reports making contact with the homeowner who advised they lit some firecrackers off for the kids as they were have a birthday party. W/A on complaint and advised to stop.  

Suspicious Activity-4000blk S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 8:37 pm 911 caller reporting a white Hyundai driving erratically in the parking lot, then took all the dog waste bags and left on Lake Dr.  The caller was able to obtain a license plate. Officer made contact with the registered owner who advised he doesn't have a dog or vehicle and does not know who the caller is. The man was advised of the complaint.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 18

Fireworks Complaint-4600blk S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 3:57 pm two callers report there are giant fireworks or firecrackers being lit off in the street on S. Whitnall Ave. Both callers assume it is being done by a passing car as when they look out the window, they are not seeing anyone out there, just a loud boom followed by a bunch of smoke. Officers checked the area and did not locate the vehicle or any fireworks. 

Fraud-3300blk E. Thompson Ave.

At approximately 4:12 pm Complainant came to the PD and would like to speak to an officer about being solicited via email.  The complainant stated she met a male on Tinder, after weeks of talking he asked her for $3000 so he could fly out to see her. This male blocked the complainant after receiving the money. Officer gave the complainant a fraud packet to complete and return.

Suspicious Activity-3600blk S. Rutland Ave.

At approximately 5:18 pm Caller states she can hear her neighbors down the block yelling at a man to get off their property. She heard them ask multiple times before he got into his vehicle and drove down the block and was seen standing in another neighbor’s lawn. She believes the man said he was looking for someone but called because she was concerned after hearing her neighbors ask him to leave multiple times and he was still sitting in the area. The man was looking for a female subject who was not home and then eventually left prior to Officers arrival.

Welfare Check-4300blk S. Nicholson Ave.

 At approximately ​10:44 pm Caller reports a woman walking around in her front yard in circles talking to herself. Officer advised making contact with the female who had thrown her phone while in a verbal argument with her boyfriend and was trying to find it. Officers located her phone.

Thursday, July 11,2024

Total Calls for Service: 23

Welfare Check-4200 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 8:23 am 911 caller reporting a man in an office chair going northbound on Lake drive, in the roadway. Officer made contact with the subject, who advised it was not illegal to ride a chair down the sidewalk. The man was advised on the complaint and advised not to be in the roadway.

Suspicious Activity-2600 E. Bolivar Ave. (Willow Glen School)

At approximately 10:13 am Principal from Willow Glen school reports there has been an older gentleman that has been coming in the school over the past few weeks and taking things like pamphlets.  The man has recently been going into unlocked cars in the school parking lot. The caller believes the man lives in the area. He walks around and stops at different times of the day. The caller described the man as a M/W in his 70's. The caller stated the man seems harmless and believes he might have some type of mental health problems. The caller was advised to call right away when the man comes around so an officer can be sent to investigate and ID the man.

Theft from Motor Vehicle-2000 E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 11:13 am Caller reports his work vehicle was broken into while parked at the above location. The incident happened within the last 5 minutes. A M/B driving a white Toyota Tacoma stole approx. $7,500 in tools from a work truck. Suspect parked in Layton Fruit Market lot and walked over to the medical building parking lot. Report filed.

Disorderly Conduct-4698 S. Whitnall Ave. (Pick N’ Save)

At approximately 12:55 pm Pick N’ Save manager reports he had a verbal argument with a m/w and would like him not to return. The manager stated the subject got mad about the alcohol policy and was irate with staff. Officer made contact with the subject at his residence and advised him that he was trespassed from Pick N Save. He was advised he would be arrested if he returned.

Welfare Check-3200 S. Lake Dr.

At approximately 2:24 pm Caller reports there was an older male subject slumped over, but now left S/B on Lake Dr. in an older model red Honda. Officer was in the area when the call came out, no such vehicle observed. Area checked and the vehicle was unable to be located..

Disorderly Conduct-S. Clement Ave. / E. Waterford Ave.

At approximately 3:14 pm Citizen reports there are three kids wearing black heading East on Waterford Ave, one of them had a gun in their hand waving it at cars. The gun was possibly a plastic gun, with a purple clip, Caller is no longer in the area. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the juveniles. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Total Calls for Service: 17

Vehicle Complaint-3000blk E. Koenig Ave.

At approximately 1:10 am Caller reports a male in a blue or purple Honda CRV (unknown plate) is speeding in the neighborhood while playing on his phone and driving erratically. Caller sees this vehicle doing similar things often. Last seen E/B. Officer checked the area, found above vehicle parked, unoccupied.  Officers will continue to monitor the area.

Animal Complaint-3100 E. Layton Ave.

At approximately 12:38 pm Caller reports a dog is in a vehicle with the windows only slightly cracked.  The dog is barking.  Vehicle is described as a grey Nissan Rogue. Officer reports the dog was not in distress as officer woke the dog up as it was sleeping.  Once awoken the dog continued to eagerly bark at passerby's with its head fully out of the window.  Contact was made with the vehicle owner inside Value Village who was w/a on the complaint.

Welfare Check-4698 S. Whitnall Ave.

At approximately 2:31 pm Caller reports a white male wearing all brown is stumbling around outside the back of the store, (Pick N’ Save).  He is believed to be intoxicated. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate anyone matching that description. 

Possession of Drug Paraphnelia-3500blk 794

At approximately 5:05 pm Officer conducted a traffic stop.  Officer conducted a search of the vehicle and arrested the driver for possession of drug paraphernalia.  The item tested positive for cocaine residue.  The driver was booked, cited and released.  Report to follow.

Neighbor Trouble-2100blk E. Tripoli Ave.

At approximately 6:02 pm Caller reports her neighbor was walking on her driveway today with her grandchild. Caller stated the neighbor came on to her property without permission to obtain her grandsons toy plane that flew into her yard. The caller then threatened to spray her with the water hose which caused the neighbor to get upset and yell back at the caller. Both parties were advised to not speak to each other and to stay off each other's properties. 

Motor Vehicle Accident-4048 S. Packard Ave. (Luna’s restaurant)

At approximately 6:02 pm Caller (employee) reports a passerby witnessed someone backing into a vehicle in the parking lot. Officer reports making contact with the vehicle owner who stated he did not know that he struck her vehicle. Report filed.

Family Trouble-4200 S. Vermont Ct.

At approximately 10:02 pm Caller reports his brother broke into his mother’s house through the window and is threatening to kill his mother. Officer made contact with the brother who was upset with his mother for not wanting to take him to urgent care because of his broken foot. Medical denied. The mother and her adult son got into a verbal argument because she would not take him. The son then went outside with his mom’s phone to call for a ride. The mother then locked him out of the house. He then attempted to climb back into the window to get inside, but was let in by his mother. The son was dropped off at 6th and Layton per his request. No further issues.